July 4, 2015


The directory below provides a listing of current staff, core faculty, faculty affiliates, and students of the Program in Arms Control, Disarmament, and International Security (ACDIS) at the University of Illinois. Click on an individual's name to view detailed information about that person. ACDIS also maintains listings of alumni of the program.

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Todd C. Robinson
Associate Director
Kathy Conner
Office Manager
Peixian Wang
Web Dev

Core Faculty

ACDIS core faculty members have academic appointments at the University of Illinois through home disciplinary departments. However, they interact closely with ACDIS by participating in the program's research initiatives and policy engagement activities, contributing to ACDIS publications, and teaching international security courses.

Steven R. Blanke
Paul F. Diehl
Political Science
Carl Gunter
Computer Science
Kevin Hamilton
Art + Design
Ryan C. Hendrickson
Political Science
Edward A. Kolodziej
Political Science
Frederick K. Lamb
Physics and Astronomy
Carol S. Leff
Political Science
John A. Lynn
Colleen Murphy
Department of Philosphy
Ned O'Gorman
Julian I. Palmore
Daniel L. Rock
Clifford E. Singer
Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering
John Vasquez
Political Science
Timothy Wedig
Lecturer in Global Studies
Brenda Wilson
Don Wuebbles
Atmospheric Sciences

Faculty Affiliates

ACDIS faculty affiliates are employed as faculty or research scholars at institutions other than the University of Illinois. These individuals retain close connections with ACDIS and interact on a periodic basis with the program.

Jeanie J. Bukowski
International Studies, Bradley U.
Stephen P. Cohen
Political Science & History, Brookings Inst.
Derrick Frazier
Political Science, University of Alabama
Martin B. Kalinowski
Science and Peace Research, University of Hamburg
Roger E. Kanet
International Studies, University of Miami
Dinshaw Mistry
Political Science & Asian Studies, U. of Cincinnati
Shannon O'Lear
Geography, U. of Kansas
Steve Radil
Geography, Ball State University
Jürgen Scheffran
Geography and KlimaCampus, University of Hamburg
Paul W. Schroeder
Political Science & History

Research Associates

Graduate Students

Lula Chen
Political Science
Tyler J. Pack
Political Science
Evangeline Reynolds
Political Science
Ashly Adam Townsen
International Relations

Visiting Scholars