July 26, 2016

Richelle Bernazzoli

Graduate Assistant for Communications

Education: B.A., International Politics, Pennsylvania State University, 2002; M.A., Geography, University of Illinois, 2008


Richelle Bernazzoli is a Ph.D student in the Department of Geography. She has research interests in processes and mechanisms of militarization, security discourses, geopolitical practice and representation, Southeastern Europe, NATO and the European Union. Her M.A. thesis, completed in 2008, was entitled, Bases and Places: The Cultural Hegemony of Militarism in American Society. She is currently completing coursework and developing her dissertation project, which will explore the discourses of security and identity implicated in Croatia’s potential accession to NATO. Before coming to the University of Illinois, Richelle spent a year in Kosovo with the NATO peacekeeping forces stationed there. She speaks Bosnian, Serbian, and Croatian at the intermediate level.

Selected Publications:

Articles or Book Chapters

Bernazzoli, R., 2008. Militarism Unchecked: Origins and Consequences. Geopolitics, 13(1): 196-204.
Bernazzoli, R., 2008. (book review) Homefront: A Military City and the American Twentieth Century, by Catherine Lutz. Political Geography 27(3): 371-373.
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