Information Security Research at UIUC

Information security , also known as Cyber Security is the detection and prevention of vulnerabilities and attacks that lead to theft of information or damages to hardware, software, or data of computer systems. The increase in the amount of new hardware and software that get released and their increasing number of users cause new vulnerabilities and attacks to be found every day. Due to its complexity, both in terms of politics and technology, it is also one of the major challenges of the contemporary world.

On top of cyber security, information security is also about the role of information and communications technologies in shedding light on issues such as vulnerability of children and adults to domestic violence, oppression, and/or exploitation.

Full NameEmailDepartmentTitlePublishing Date
Carl Guntercgunter@illinois.eduComputer ScienceHanGuard: SDN-driven protection of smart home WiFi devices from malicious mobile apps2017-07-18
Masooda Bashirmnb@illinois.eduInformation SciencesPrivacy and security of cardiovascular implantable electronic devices: Applying a contextual integrity analysis2018-01-01
William Sanderswhs@illinois.eduElectrical and Computer EngineerinA case study assessing the effects of cyber attacks on a river zonal dispatcher2017-01-01
Zbigniew Kalbarczykkalbarcz@illinois.eduElectrical and Computer EngineeringAttack induced common-mode failures on PLC-based safety system in a nuclear power plant: Practical experience report2017-05-05
Yih-Chun Huyihchun@illinois.eduElectrical and Computer EngineeringInsider-attacks on physical-layer group secret-key generation in wireless networks2017-05-10
Nicol Daviddmnicol@illinois.eduComputer ScienceMelody: Synthesized datasets for evaluating intrusion detection systems for the smart grid2018-01-04
Tao Xietaoxie@illinois.eduComputer ScienceMalware detection in adversarial settings: Exploiting feature evolutions and confusions in android apps2017-12-04
Tarek Abdelzaherzaher@illinois.eduComputer ScienceRoot cause diagnosis in error-propagating networks2016-07-25
Stephen Levinsonselevins@illinois.eduElectrical and Computer EngineeringAutonomous Military Robotics2014
Christopher Fletchercwfletch@illinois.eduComputer ScienceOnion ORAM: A constant bandwidth blowup oblivious RAM2016-01-01
Jian Huangjianh@illinois.eduElectrical and Computer EngineeringFlashGuard: Leveraging intrinsic flash properties to defend against encryption ransomware2017-10-30
Adam Batesbatesa@illinois.eduComputer ScienceLeveraging Data Provenance to Enhance Cyber Resilience2017-02-01
Robin Kravetsrhk@illinois.eduComputer ScienceCryptoCop: Lightweight, energy-efficient encryption and privacy for wearable devices2016-06-30
Deming Chendchen@illinois.eduElectrical and Computer EngineeringInformation dispersion for trojan defense through high-level synthesis2016-05-09
Miller Andrewnsoc1024@illinois.eduElectrical and Computer EngineeringHawk: The Blockchain Model of Cryptography and Privacy-Preserving Smart Contracts2016-05
Negar Kiyavashkiyavash@illinois.eduElectrical and Computer EngineeringA covert queueing channel in fcfs schedulers2018-06-01
Deming Chendchen@illinois.eduElectrical and Computer EngineeringHigh-Level Synthesis for side-channel defense2017-07-28
Michael Baileymdbailey@illinois.eduElectrical and Computer EngineeringThe danger of USB drives2017
Jose Meseguermeseguer@illinois.eduComputer ScienceN/AN/A
Haitham Al-Hassaniehhaitham@illinois.eduElectrical and Computer EngineeringBackDoor: Making microphones hear inaudible sounds2017-06-16
Vikram Advevadve@illinois.eduComputer ScienceVirtual Ghost: Protecting applications from hostile operating systems2014
Kumar Rakeshrakeshk@illinois.eduElectrical and Computer EngineeringSoftware-based gate-level information flow security for IoT systems2017-10-14
Darko Marinovmarinov@illinois.eduComputer ScienceTrade-offs in continuous integration: Assurance, security, and flexibility2017-08-21
Michael Shawmjshaw@illinois.eduBusiness AdministrationThe impact of business analytics strategy on social, mobile, and cloud computing adoption2014-01-01
Kevin Changkcchang@illinois.eduComputer ScienceMobility profiling for user verification with anonymized location data2015
Klara Nahrstedtklara@illinois.eduComputer ScienceSecure and scalable data collection with time minimization in the smart grid2016-01-01
Romit Choudhurytcroy@illinois.eduElectrical and Computer EngineeringActivpass: Your daily activity is your password2015-04
James Basneyjbasney@illinois.eduNational Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)CILogon: A federated X.509 certification authority for cyberinfrastructure logon2014-09-10
Tamer Basarbasar1@illinois.eduElectrical and Computer EngineeringOn the optimal control of virus spread in networks2017-06-07
Sibin Mohansibin@illinois.eduComputer ScienceContego: An adaptive framework for integrating security tasks in real-time systems2017-06-01
Cedric Langbortlangbort@illinois.eduAerospace EngineeringComputing security strategies in finite horizon repeated Bayesian games2017-06-29
Petros Voulgarisvoulgari@illinois.eduAerospace EngineeringDual rate control for security in cyber-physical systems2016-02-08
Nitin Vaidyanhv@illinois.eduElectrical and Computer EngineeringCollaborative defense against data injection attack in IEC61850 based smart substations2016-11-10
Yuguo Chenyuguo@illinois.eduStatisticsExponential random graph models for networks resilient to targeted attacks2015
Jay Kesankesan@illinois.eduLawReducing Informational Disadvantages to Improve Cyber Risk Management2018-04-01
Christoforos Hadjicostischadjic@illinois.eduElectrical and Computer EngineeringDetection of collaborative cyber-attacks through correlation and time dependency analysis2016
Mahesh Viswanathanvmahesh@illinois.eduComputer ScienceVerification of randomized security protocols2017-04-18
Iyer Ravishankarrkiyer@illinois.eduElectrical and Computer EngineeringSelf-healing attack-resilient PMU network for power system operation2018-05-01