Security Calendar & ACDIS Speaker Series

These events are approved for students who are taking NPRE/GLBL 483 Seminar on Security and GLBL 199S Independent Study, Security Events.

Students are required to prepare a multiple choice quiz with five to ten questions and answers that exhibit an understanding of the lecture. NPRE/GLBL 483 and GLBL 199S students submit the quiz to Illinois Compass. The Certificate students submit to Kathy Anderson-Conner .

Fall 2017 – Security-related Events

9/14/17 Enduring Wars in Transpacific Memories Viet Thanh Nguyen, Pulitzer Prize Winner & Scholar
9/15/17On Water, Information and Conflicts Flyer pdf.Dr. Marc Muller, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Notre Dame
9/18/17 iSEE Congress 2017: Building Resilience to Climate ChangeJohn Holdren, former director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
9/21/17Sustainability & Science Policy WorkshopLectures and interactive sessions led by facilitators from a range of backgrounds.
9/22/17 More Than A Statistic: Exploring the Global Implications of the Syrian Refugee Crisis Hatem Bazian, Lecturer of Near Eastern Studies and Asian American Studies Program at UC Berkeley
9/29/17Shifting Iran-US Relations: Return to Status Quo Ante or New Alignments in the Middle East Region?Keynote: Trita Parsi, Founder and President of the National Iranian American Council. See program here.
10/4/17 Right to Food, Food Assistance, and the Biological Consequences of Malnutrition Lisa Moon, President and CEO, The Global Foodbanking Network
10/11/17Rejecting refugees to protect the nation: The Kenyan government’s absurdity or security?Professor Lance Larkin, Anthropologist at Construction Engineering Research Laboratory, UIUC
10/21/17Saturday Physics for Everyone: Nuclear Proliferation: Can terrorists buy, steal or build a nuclear bomb?Professor Matthias Grosse Perdekamp, Department of Physics, University of Illinois
10/25/17 Famine in a Time of Declining Global Hunger: Why is famine recurring in the 21st Century? Dr. Dan Maxwell, Feinstein International Center, Tufts University
11/08/17 Alleviating Food Insecurity Through Multiple Program Participation: What Can We Learn About Treatment Effects If Treatments Are Unobserved? Brent Kreider, Associate Professor of Economics, Iowa State University
11/15/17 Right to Food Seminar Series Dr. Hilal Elver- United Nations Human Rights Council, Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food
11/16/17Taking Side: Shows of Support in Nearby Civil WarsTyler Pack, Graduate Student, Political Science, UIUC