Security Calendar & ACDIS Speaker Series

These events are approved for students who are taking NPRE/GLBL 483 Seminar on Security and GLBL 199S Independent Study, Security Events.

Students are required to prepare a multiple choice quiz with five to ten questions and answers that exhibit an understanding of the lecture. NPRE/GLBL 483 and GLBL 199S students submit the quiz to Illinois Compass. The Certificate students submit to Kathy Anderson-Conner .

Spring 2018 – Security-related Events

1/18/18Migration and Identity in Central Asia: The Uzbek ExperienceRano Turaeva, Research Associate, Max Plank Institute for Social Anthropology
1/26/18Global Middle East WorkshopGlblMideast Wksp_1.26.18 Poster and program
1/29/18TBADr. Avital Livny, Assistant Professor, Political Science, UIUC
2/5/18Choosing Tactics of Resistance: Violence vs NonviolenceEkrem Baser, Graduate Student, Political Science, UIUC
2/6/18Oil and Gas Pipeline Transmission Infrastructure Cybersecurity and ResiliencyAl Rivero, President, ANG Consulting, LLC
2/6/18The Musim Ban and Asian American HistoryProf. Junaid Rana, Dept. of Asian American Studies
2/19/18Group Decision-making and Foreign Policy: An Experimental DesignLula Chen, Graduate Student, Political Science, UIUC
3/2/18Senegalese Migration to Europe: God and Self-deprecation in a Multi-casual PerspectiveDr. Papa Faye, non-resident Fellow of Open Society Foundations
3/5/18International Law in Real Time: the Philippine war on DrugsDr. Stephen Chaudoin, Assistant Professor, Political Science, UIUC
3/12/18Political Ideology and Attitude ConsensusPete Ondish, Graduate Student, Psychology, UIUC
4/2/18Can contact improve relationships in the midst of conflict: A field experiment in the Middle Belt of NigeriaDr. Rebecca Wolfe, Director of Mercy Corps’ Peace and Conflict team
4/20/18A Question of Access: Nature Conservation, Displacement, and Social Transformation at the Virunga National Park, DRCDr. Stephan Hochleithner, Researcher, University of California, Berkley