Past Security Events

The events below are a list of past security events that ACDIS has approved for the ACDIS Security Certificate. You can click one of the options below to bring you to the correlated semester.

Fall 2016
Spring 2017

Fall 2016 – Security-related Events


Student Security Group Coffee Talk –  UK’s Brexit voteDr. Konstantinos
7 pm, Armory 345
9/12/16Some implications of the oil supply shock for renewable fuel mandatesDeepak Rajagopal, UCLA12:00–1:15 pm, 426 Mumford Hall
9/12/16–9/14/16 iSEE Congress 2016, Energy 20: Paths to a Sustainable Futuremultiple speakersclick on link
9/14/16Software Defined Eveything: Moving to the DoD Information CoreDavid Stern, DIS click on link
9/14/16An Indirect Attack on Computing Infrastructure through Targeted Alteration on Environmental ControlKeywhan Chung, UIUCclick on link
9/15/16 Before Trump, Brexit, and Europe: A History of the First Global Migration CrisisErika Lee, University of Minnesota
9/15/16Inequality in Latin America: Past and PresentJoseph Love
Emeritus Professor of History, UIUC
click on link
9/16/16Cooking with Stored Solar Energy: A Sustainability Project with Test Results from the Navajo Nationmultiple speakersclick on link
9/20/16Joint Trust & Security/Assured Cloud Computing Seminar: Application of Game Theory to High Assurance Cloud ComputingCharles Kamhoua, US Air Force Research Labclick on link
9/21/16Is a new naval nuclear arms race with China inevitable? Clifford Singer, ACDIS Directorclick on link
9/22/16Partition: Histories, Stories, MemoriesUrvashi Butalia CEO, Zubaan and authorclick on link
9/26/16Dying to Get In! A Discussion about immigration, its paradigms, and how the political environment shifts the dynamic of the conversation Panel discussionclick on link
9/27/16Digital Wellness and Food Security: The role of the media in safeguarding/endangering the integrity of informationMaster Level library students from University of Pretoria and their facultyclick on link
9/29/16CLACS Lecture Series. The link between agriculture and nutrition in rural households: the case of the Purchase of Progress Program in Guatemalaclick on link
10/3/16"Network Structure and the Use of Violence by Rebel Factions"David BowdenClick on link
10/4/16Rejecting Globalization: The Rise Of Populism and Xenophobia in 2016Panel Discussionclick on link
10/5/16Surkh Salam (Red Greetings) Communists in a Muslim LandKamran Asdar Ali, Professor of Anthropology, Directory of South Asia Institute, University of Texas, Austinclick on link
10/7/16The Long-Run Price Elasticity of Electricity Demand Tatyana Deryugina, Alex MacKay, and Julian Reifclick on link
10/10/16Data, Predictions, and Decisions in Support of People and SocietyDr. Eric Horvitz, Microsoft Researchclick on link
10/11/16International Food Security at Illinois Distinguished LectureDr. Jimmy Smith, Director General of the International Livestock Research Institute click on link
10/18/16Computer Security, Privacy, and User Expectations: Case Studies in Web Tracking and Application PermissionsFranziska Roesner, University of Washingtonclick on link
10/18/16A Strange Game: Chinese Nuclear Weapon Development in the 21st CenturyGabriel Wacks
Undergraduate, East Asian Languages and Cultures; History
5:30 PM, Room 345 Armory
10/18/16 Owning a Century: Negotiating Contemporary Public Discourse on ChinaWebcast with Dr. Hendry Kissinger. Local presentation by Mr. Forrest McSweeney, PhD Candidate in East Asian Languages and Culturesclick on link
10/20/16The Petrograd Bolsheviks and the Birth of Soviet Russia: Centennial ReflectionsAlex Rabinowitch, Emeritus Professor of History, Indiana Universityclick on link
10/20/16Student Security Group Coffee Talk – Partition: Military and/or Political Solution or Complication in Countries' Conflicts Dr. Clifford Singer,
ACDIS Director
5:30 PM, 345 Armory
10/21/16New Directions in the Scholarship on the 1956 Hungarian Revolution: Memory and the Transnational Impact 60 years AfterConference. See link for on link
10/25/16CAS/MillerComm lecture, “Retrofitting Totalitarianism in Putin's Russia,”Masha Gessen, Russian and American journalist, author and activistclick on link
10/25/16Subsidizing Drip Irrigation: Efficiency, the Feminization of Agriculture, and Policy Implications in IndiaTrevor Birkenholtz, Associate Professor of Geography and Geographic Information Scienceclick on link
11/9/16EUC Lecture: "Integrating Migrants in Times of Economic Change: Comparing Responses in European Cities"Prof. Patrick Ireland, Political Science, Illinois Institute of Technologyclick on link
11/10/16Teach-In: Shutdown Clinton/Quad Cities' Nuclear Reactors - Yes or No?Dr. Warren Lavey, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Natural Resources & Environmental
Sciences Department
Chapin Rose, Illinois State Senator, 51st District
Dr. Clifford Singer, Professor Emeritus (NPRE), Director of ACDIS
Dr. Rizwan Uddin, Associate Head of Academic Programs (NPRE)
November 10
124 Burrill Hall
4:00 pm
11/10/16CLACS Lecture Series. The Socialist Humanitarian Imperative: The Logic and Practice of Cuba's Quest for Global Health in the AmericasSean Brotherton, University of Chicagoclick on link
11/10/16Roundtable: "Transatlantic Relations in the Aftermath of U.S. Elections"click on link
11/10/16Making Room for Forgiveness: A Look at Iran's Victim-Centered Approach to Criminal JusticeArzoo Osanloo, Associate Professor in Law, Societies and Justice and Director of the Middle East Center at the University of Washington4:00 PM at 3057 Lincoln Hall
11/10/16The Urge to Purge: Lustration in UkraineDr. Yuliya Zabyelina
Assistant Professor of Political Science
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
click on link
11/15/16From Revolutionary Executions to the Execution of the Revolutionaries: The Iranian Left and the Reign of Terror in Postrevolutionary IranBehrooz Ghamari-Tabrizi, Director of CSAMES and Associate Professor of History and Sociologyclick on link
12/1/16Rethinking Muslim Ethics: Beyond a Theology of EmpireEbrahim Moosa, professor of Islamic studies in the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies and the Department of History at the University of Notre Dame4:00 pm at 1022 Lincoln Hall
Sponsored by the Department of Religion, University of Illinois

Spring 2017 – Security-related Events

1/17/17What the Secret Service Can Teach Us About CybersecurityNathaniel Gleicher
4:00 pm Coordinated Science Lab B02
2/2/17Expert Roundtable - "State Capacity at the Border: Relinquishing or reinforcing contentious border regions"Cynthia Buckley (Professor of Sociology, University of Illinois), Ralph Clem (Professor Emeritus of Geography, Florida International University), Erik Herron (Professor of Political Science, West Virginia University)click on link
2/7/17Democratization and State Dissolution in the Communist FederationsCarol Leff
Associate Professor
Political Science, UIUC
click on link
2/8/17CSAMES Brown Bag Lecture: "Terrorism and South Asia: How to Win the Lost War"Shahbaz Shabbir Gil, Lecturer of Business Administration, with Faisal Tirmizi, Consul General of Pakistanclick on link
2/23/17A New Epoch in US-Cuban Relations: What Comes Next?Soraya Castro Marino, IFUSS, Cubaclick on link
2/28/17Partition of the Ottoman Empire and Current Issues in the Middle EastÖner Akgül, Faculty, Ahi Evran University of Kırşehir
Department of International Relations
Visiting Scholar, UIUC
click on link
3/7/17The United Nations in its 8th Decade: Constructing a Balance SheetPaul F. Diehl, Associate Provost, Ashbel Smith Professor of Political Science, University of on link
3/14/17Nuclear Weapons and the Partition and Possible Eventual Reunification of KoreaClifford Singer, Professor, NPRE and ACDIS Director, UIUCclick on link
3/28/17Partitioning the United States: Who Won the Civil War?John Lynn, Professor of History, UIUCclick on link
3/31/17 and 4/1/17Governing Globalization: Challenges for Democracy and Global SocietySymposiumclick on link
4/4/17Unmaking the Possible: Rhetoric and realities of partition in Bosnia HercegovinaJudith Pintar, Visiting Assistant Professor, Slavic Languages & Literature, Russian, East European and Eurasian Centerclick on link
4/4/17Turkey in the Aftermath of the Failed Coup AttemptPanel Discussionclick on link
4/11/17Detection of Intrusions in Power Systems' Cyber-Physical InfrastructureHui Lin, PhD Candidate, Electrical and Computer Engineering, UIUCclick on link
4/18/17Cybersecurity: Who’s doing what to whom, why, and what does it mean?Chuck Geigner, Assistant Director of Privacy & IT Security Infrastructure
Privacy & Information Security at Tech Services, UIUC
click on link