Introducing Autumn Langdon, Student Security Group Vice President, Spring 2017

Autumn Langdon - SSG Vice President
Ms. Langdon has lived all over the United States before settling herself into college at the University of Illinois. Being the daughter of a veteran soldier, she has lived everywhere from San Antonio, Texas – her hometown and birthplace – to Washington and Michigan.

Ms. Langdon is currently a junior, pursuing a double major in Political Science and Psychology, with a concentration in international security and relations. She hopes to better her understanding of international relations and policy creation through her network at the SSG. Her primary role as Vice President of the SSG is to aid the President in ensuring the smooth running of the group, while thinking of fresh and innovative ways to recruit new members for years to come. This includes building an interest among students whose majors stem from backgrounds other than that of Political Science, Global Studies and the likes. Apart from her recruitment efforts, Ms. Langdon oversees alumni communications, ensuring ACDIS’ relationship with them is continuous and strong.

Ms. Langdon has quickly moved up in the ranks due to her enthusiasm and passion for what she does. She believes that the SSG has helped her grow both personally and academically; it has brought her closer to like-minded students that are equally passionate about security studies, and given her the opportunity to network with distinguished academia in various related fields. In addition, she has been given the opportunity to conduct extensive research under said academia which has contributed significantly to her career goals.

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