August 24, 2016

Hiroshima: A Retrospective

Last updated: September 22, 2008

Published by Program in Arms Control, Disarmament, and International Security, University of Illinois

Swords and Ploughshares series
Vol. IX / No. 3-4 / Spring-Summer 1995

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Fiftieth anniversaries of momentous event are always contentious because they are the last opportunity for participants to collectively influence the judgment of history. The essays in this special issue of Swords and Ploughshares are intended to serve as a modest guide to the forthcoming fiftieth anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.


Introduction [PDF]

The Decision to Bomb Hiroshima [PDF]

A Government in Disarray [PDF]

Hiroshima as History: Some Preliminary Thoughts [PDF]

Responses to Hiroshima in Japanese Literature [PDF]

Japan: An Ambivalent Nation, an Ambivalent Cinema [PDF]

Outside the Park [PDF]

Lessons of Hiroshima: A Geopolitical Perspective [PDF]

The Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty [PDF]

Iraq and the Bomb [PDF]

Bibliography [PDF]