August 1, 2015

Global Biosecurity

A seminar series and course at the University of Illinois, fall 2012

Global biosecurity

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The following is a list of readings required of students and recommended for others who are participating in the fall 2012 "Global Biosecurity" seminar at the University of Illinois, organized by Professor Brenda Wilson.

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  August 27 – Brenda Wilson  first day of class, course logistics and introductory overview

September 5 – Labor Day – no class

September 10 – Brenda Wilson Global Biosecurity in a Complex, Dynamic World

links:  abstract

Wilson, B "Global biosecurity in a complex, dynamic world" Complexity (2008) 14(1): 71-88 [download full article from publisher website]

  September 17 – Steven Blanke – Synthetic Biology: Biomedical, Research, and Defense Applications

links:  abstract

Bhalerao, KD "Synthetic gene networks: the next wave of biotechnology?" Trends in Biotechnology (2009) 27:368-374.

Bügl H, Danner JP, Molinari RJ, Mulligan JT, Park HO, Reichert B, Roth DA, Wagner R, Budowle B, Scripp RM, Smith JAL, Steele SJ, Church G, Endy D "DNA synthesis and biological security" Nature Biotechnology (2007) 25:627-629.

  September 24 – Anna-Maria Marshall – Global Governance of Synthetic Biology—Law, Politics, and Ethics

links:  abstract

Andrianantoandro E, Basu S, Karig DK, Weiss R "Synthetic biology: new engineering rules for an emerging discipline" Molecular Systems Biology (2006) epub 2:2006:0028 May 16

Garfinkel MS, Endy D, Epstein GL, Friedman RM "Synthetic Genomics: Options for Governance" JCVI Report (2007) [download the full report from the website]

Tucker JB, Zilinskas RA "The promise and perils of synthetic biology" The New Atlantis - Journal of Technology & Science (2006) Spring 25-45

October 1 – Gay Miller – Keeping the United States Biosecure from Foreign Animal Diseases: The Example of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD)

links:  abstract

Garland AJM; de Clercq K "Cattle, sheep and pigs vaccinated against foot and mouth disease: does trade in these animals and their products present a risk of transmitting the disease?" Rev. Sci. Tech. Off. int. Epiz., 2011, 30 (1), 189-206

October 8 – Marilyn Ruiz – Spatial Epidemiology in a Dynamic World

links:  abstract

Law, John. "Disaster in Agriculture: Or Foot and Mouth Mobilities", published by the Centre for Science Studies, Lancaster University, Lancaster LA1 4YL. UK. 2004.

Lambin, Eric F. et al. "Pathogenic landscapes: Interactions between land, people, disease vectors, and their animal hosts" International Journal of Health Geographies (2010) 9:54.

October 15 – Adam Davis – Adding Biofuels to the Invasive Species Fire? 

links:  abstract

Quinn LD, Matlaga DP, Stewart JR; Davis AS "Empirical evidence of long-distance dispersal in Miscanthus sinensis and Miscanthus X giganteus" Invasive Plant Science and Management (2011) 4:142-150.

Davis AS, Cousens RD, Hill J, Mack RN, Simberloff D, Raghu S "Screening bioenergy feedstock crops to mitigate invasion risk" Front Ecol Environ (2010) 8:533-539.

Raghu S, Anderson RC, Daehler CC, Davis AS, Wiedenmann RN, Simberloff D, Mack RN "Adding biofuels to the invasive species fire?" Science (2006) 313:1742.

 October 22 – Joanna Shisler – Viral Vaccines, Biosecurity, and Vaccination Policies  

links:  abstract

Michaelis M, Doerr HW, Cinatl J Jr. "An Influenza A H1N1 Virus Revival - Pandemic H1N1/09 Virus" Infection (2009) Sept 18

Fox, JL. "Many Contingencies to Face in Readying H1N1 Influenza Vaccines" Microbe Magazine

October 29 – James Slauch – Food Safety and Biosecurity

links:  abstract

Waage JK, Mumford JD. "Agricultural biosecurity" Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci. 2008 Feb 27;363(1492):863-76.

Hammerling U, Tallsjö A, Grafström R, Ilbäck NG. "Comparative hazard characterization in food toxicology" Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr. 2009 Aug;49(7):626-69

Dodd C, Powell D. "Regulatory management and communication of risk associated with Escherichia coli O157:H7 in ground beef." Foodborne Pathog Dis. 2009 Jul-Aug;6(6):743-7.

Hanning IB, Nutt JD, Ricke SC. "Salmonellosis outbreaks in the United States due to fresh produce: sources and potential intervention measures" Foodborne Pathog Dis. 2009 Jul-Aug;6(6):635-48.

Lynch MF, Tauxe RV, Hedberg CW. "The growing burden of foodborne outbreaks due to contaminated fresh produce: risks and opportunities" Epidemiol Infect. 2009 Mar;137(3):307-15.

November 5 – Brenda Wilson – Food Safety—The Case for Food Irradiation—Science Meets Law 

links:  abstract

FDA, HHS "Irradiation in the production, processing, and handling of food. Final rule." Fed Regist. 2005 Aug 16;70(157):48057-73.

O'Bryan CA, Crandall PG, Ricke SC, Olson DG. "Impact of irradiation on the safety and quality of poultry and meat products: a review." Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr. 2008 May;48(5):442-57.

Parnes RB, Lichtenstein AH. "Food irradiation: a safe and useful technology." Nutr Clin Care. 2004 Oct-Dec;7(4):149-55.

November 12 – Brenda Wilson – Student Presentations

November 19 – Thanksgiving Break - no class

November 26 – Brenda Wilson – Student Presentations 

December 3 – Brenda Wilson – Student Presentations 

December 10 – Brenda Wilson – Student Presentations 

December 15 (7-10 pm) – Brenda Wilson – Student Presentations, final deposition papers due