September 19, 2014

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About the ACDIS Internship Database

This database is intended as a guide to help students identify various internship opportunities relevant to topics—such as conflict resolution, environment and energy, disarmament, and so on—of interest to the ACDIS program. The database includes over two hundred organizations with internship programs both in the United States and abroad, as well as additional links with general information and advice about internships. Where possible, we have linked directly to web pages devoted to internship and career opportunities on a given organization’s web site. We have also provided information, when available, about compensation available through each internship (whether it is paid or unpaid, and whether or not a stipend is available).

Note: This database was developed by employees and students affiliated with the Program in Arms Control, Disarmament, and International Security (ACDIS) at the University of Iliinois. Inclusion in this database does not represent endorsement by ACDIS or the University of any particular organization or its internship program. The content here is provided simply as an informational resource.

Suggestions on links to be added or updated can be sent by email to ACDIS.

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20/20 Vision - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Promotes grassroots activism by communicating to the public on issues that affect military and environmental policy.

ACCION International - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
ACCION International works to eliminate poverty by providing people the resources, especially microfinance loans, they need to sustain themselves.

Action Without Borders - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
Action Without Borders works \"to help build a world where all people can live free, dignified and productive lives.

Africa Action - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Africa Action combines policy work with citizen mobilization as it strives "to change U.S. foreign policy to support Africa's struggle for peace and development.

Africa-America Institute - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Africa-America Institute offers internships in Washington, DC and New York City that support its short and long-term graduate education and professional training programs in Africa.

African Instutitute - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Promotes human rights and development in Africa and provides legal assistance to prosecute human rights violations.

Africare - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
A humanitarian organization to improve the quality of life in rural Africa.

AIESEC Illinois - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The primary activity of AIESEC, the largest student-run exchange organization in the world, is facilitation of work abroad exchange programs between its member countries. AIESEC Illinois was founded in 1971.

Albert Einstein Institution - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Albert Einstein Institution advances the study and use of strategic nonviolent action in conflicts throughout the world in order to achieve "the reduction of political violence."

Alliance for Nuclear Accountability - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Alliance for Nuclear Accountability is a coalition of over 30 peace and environmental groups concerned with U.S nuclear weapons policy and radioactive waste sites.

America-Mideast Educational and Training Services - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
America-Mideast Educational and Training Services, Inc. (AMIDEAST) is a private, nonprofit organization that promotes understanding and cooperation between Americans and the Middle East. AMIDEAST offers internships in its programs that assist foreign students' study in the U.S.

American Association for the Advancement of Science - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
Program on Science and International Security. Fosters technical approaches and scientific discussion relevant to international security.

American Civil Liberties Union - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
The leading NGO working to insure civil liberties in the United States.

American Committee on Africa - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The American Committee on Africa (ACOA) and the Africa Fund (AF), an educational humanitarian organization associated with ACOA, offer international relations and public policy internships to mobilize Americans in support of "freedom, independence, and economic justice," especially including human rights and women's issues.

American Conservative Union - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
A conservative public interest, multi-issue advocacy group.

American Council for the United Nations University - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Advances knowledge about urgent global problems under conditions of academic freedom and objectivity.

American Defense Institute - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Informs the public, especially youth, about threats to freedom and the need for a strong national defense.

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Promotes inquiry concerning domestic and international issues

American Foreign Policy Council - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The American Foreign Policy Council is a non-profit organization that seeks to better inform those who make or influence the foreign policy of the United States and assists \"world leaders, particularly in the former USSR, with building democracies and market economies.\"

American Friends Service Committee - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Founded by Quakers in 1917, the AFSC carries out service, development, social justice, and peace programs throughout the world.

American Israel Public Affairs Committee - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
American Pro-Israel Lobby

American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Defends the rights of people of Arab descent, promotes Arab heritage, and addresses foreign and domestic policy issues and legislation that affect Arab-Americans in the United States and the Middle East.

Americans for Peace Now - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Americans for Peace Now serves as a Jewish voice for a peaceful and secure Israel. APN offers internships in its Washington, DC, New York, and Los Angeles offices.

Amigos de las Americas - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Amigos de las Américas (AMIGOS) does not formally offer internships, but it does have a competitive program that allows volunteers to achieve staff status as they advance to increasing levels of responsibility with AMIGOS "in leadership roles promoting public health, education and community development."

Amnesty International - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Works impartially for the release of all prisoners of conscience, fair and prompt trials for political prisoners, and an end to torture, executions, and \"disappearances.\"

Arab American Institute - Compensation: Paid Positions(s)
The Arab American Institute, \"a non-profit organization committed to the civic and political empowerment of Americans of Arab descent,\" offers internships within its own organization, as well as through placement in outside agencies, \"including the White House, human rights organizations and the major political parties.

Arms Control Association/Arms Control Today - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Arms Control Association, "a national nonpartisan membership organization dedicated to promoting public understanding of and support for effective arms control policies," offers journalism internships at Arms Control Today, its primary publication, and in other positions at the ACA in Washington, DC.

Asia Foundation - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Promotes assistance to and cooperation with Asia.

Association for Conflict Resolution - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
ACR is a professional organization dedicated to enhancing the practice and public understanding of conflict resolution.

Association to Unite the Democracies - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Promotes world peace by fostering a sense of international shared community.

Atlantic Council of Canada - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Atlantic Council of Canada works to promote a better understanding of the role of Canada in the NATO trans-Atlantic alliance. Internship participation is limited to Canadian youth 30 years of age or less.

Atlantic Council of the United States - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Atlantic Council of the United States promotes \"constructive leadership and engagement in international affairs based on the central role of the Atlantic community in meeting the challenges of the 21st century.\"

Berlin Information Centre for Transatlantic Security (BITS) - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Provides media and the political process with information on foreign policy and security issues with an emphasis on military hardware.

Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC) - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
BICC supports governmental and non-governmental initiatives as well as public and private sector organizations by finding ways to reduce costs and enhance effectiveness in the draw-down of military-related activities.

Bread for the World - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Seeks justice for the world\'s hungry people by lobbying US decision makers to improve access to food.

British American Security Information Council - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Council provides critical examinations of global security issues and assists in the development of global security policies.

Brookhaven National Laboratory - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Brookhaven National Lab administers an internship program in Vienna, Austria with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), sponsored by the U.S. Support Program.

Brookings Institution - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Conducts research, provides education, and produces publications on issues of foreign policy, government, economics, and social policy.

Bulletin of Regional Cooperation in the Middle East - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Bulletin of Regional Cooperation in the Middle East chronicles ongoing governmental and non-governmental cooperative efforts in the Middle East. It is associated with the Search for a Common Ground, which offers internships at its Washington, DC and Brussels offices.

Business Executives for National Security - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Utilizes resources in the business community to promote arms control and enhanced national defense.

Campaign for New Priorities - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Supports citizen-initiated efforts to create a better environment and greater democracy

Canada in Vietnam - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
The Government of Canada offers internships to Canadian citizens working in its international development programs. Search at this link under "internship" for Canadian embassies and programs currently offering internships.

CARE, Inc. - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
CARE works to reduce poverty around the world by designing and supporting community-based programs addressing health, education and economic development. Instead of internships, CARE offers \"volunteer vacations\" of two weeks duration.

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace - Compensation: Paid Positions(s)
A large foundation that funds international peace and security projects.

Carter Center - Compensation: Paid Positions(s)
President Jimmy Carter\'s foundation that works to resolve problems by promoting democracy and development around the world.

Catholic Relief Services - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Catholic Relief Services, the official international relief and development agency of the US Catholic community, offers a variety of internship experiences in a number of areas of expertise.

Cato Institute - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Promotes consideration of the traditional American principles of limited government and individual liberty in the public policy debate.

CDR Associates - Compensation: Paid Positions(s)
CDR Associates offers international conflict resolution services and collaborative decision making assistance to public, government, and non-profit organizations, with a special expertise in environmental issues.

Center for Applied Studies in International Negotiation (CASIN) - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Provides training in negotiation and dispute resolution in international relations.

Center for Constitutional Rights - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Through its Ella Baker Internship Program, the Center for Constitutional Rights offers legal interns the opportunity to train to be "the next generation of 'people's lawyers'" by assisting CCR attorneys in their work utilizing "the creative use of law as a positive force for social change.

Center for Defense Information - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Supports an effective defense while opposing excessive expenditures for weapons and policies that increase the danger of war.

Center for Democracy - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Promotes and strengthens the democratic process both in the US and abroad, encourages dialogue on international conflicts, and assists in the development of democratic institutions.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention - Compensation: Paid Positions(s)
The CDC conducts and facilitates research on "public health efforts to prevent and control infectious and chronic diseases, injuries, workplace hazards, disabilities, and environmental health threats.

Center for International Policy - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Promotes a U.S. foreign policy based on peace, international cooperation, demilitarization, and respect for basic human rights.

Center for National Policy - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Promotes debate and the free exchange of progressive ideas on national policy.

Center for National Security Studies - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Works to prevent claims of national security from being used to erode civil liberties or constitutional government.

Center for Policy Analysis on Palestine - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Conducts studies and analyses of the relationship between the US and the Middle East, with a particular emphasis on the Palestinian problem and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Center for Science, Technology and Security Policy (CSTSP) - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
CSTSP, established by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, is guided by the over-arching goal of advancing the integration of science and public policy for national and international security. Their internship program currently is available only to graduate students.

Center for Security Policy - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Provides analysis of security issues relevant to U.S. national interests to policy makers with the objective of achieving \"world peace through American strength.

Center for Security Studies (CSS) and International Relations and Security Network (ISN) - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
CSS and ISN, based in Zurich, Switzerland at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, are working with international partners in the fields of security policy and international relations to share digital resources.

Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Provides detailed, timely analyses of the defense budget and defense strategy issues.

Center for Strategic and International Security (CSIS) - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Analyzes strategic trends to produce policy solutions while training tomorrow\'s leaders.

Center for Strategic and International Studies - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
CSIS offers internships formulating effective policy to address issues of national and international security.

Center for Taiwan International Relations - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Upholds the right of Taiwan's people to decide their own future and to ensure that this decision is made freely without, threat, coercion, or false information.

Central Committee For Conscientious Objectors - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Central Committe for Conscientious Objectors opposes militarism in the schools and educates young people about alternatives to military service. It offers a limited number of openings in its summer Freeman Bristol Internship Program.

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The United States civilian agency for intelligence gathering and analysis.

Centre for European Security and Disarmament (CESD) - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Monitors foreign security and defense policies in the EU and NATO. CESD advocates common security policies and promotes nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation.

Chemical and Biological Arms Control Institute - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
CBACI is a nonprofit, nonpartisan policy research organization established "to address the challenges to global security and stability" posed by chemical and biological weapons.

Childrens Creative Response to Conflict - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
ChildrenÕs Creative Response to Conflict encourages young people to "learn creative skills of non-violent conflict resolution." It offers internships and volunteer opportunities.

Childrens Defense Fund - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Children\'s Defense Fund works as an effective voice for children so that our society will truly Leave No Child Behind.

Citizens for Global Involvement - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
An activist organization that envisions a future in which nations work together under the rule of law to abolish war, protect the rights and freedoms of people worldwide, and solve the problems facing humanity that require collective international efforts.

CNN-Turner Networks - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
A leading news media company.

Commission on Security & Cooperation in Europe - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
An independent agency of the U.S. government that works with the OSCE.

Committee on Disarmament, Peace and Security - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Conference organizer at the United Nations for NGO committees on disarmament, peace, and security.

Common Cause - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Common Cause works to create an \"honest, open and accountable government [and encourages] citizen participation in democracy.\" It occasionally offers internships with relevant international experience, but its primary focus is on U.S. domestic politics.

Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Based in Vienna, Austria, the CTBTO is the international organization established by the signatories to implemenent the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. \"It carries out the necessary preparations for the effective implementation of the Treaty, and prepares for the first session of the Conference of the States Parties to the Treaty.\"

Congressional Research Service - Compensation: Paid Positions(s)
Provides research to Congress on legislative issues.

Congressional Budget Office - Compensation: Paid Positions(s)
The Congressional Budget Office offers internships in a variety of disciplines engaged in its work on in-depth studies of complex social and economic issues.

Consensus Building Institute - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Harvard Law School's Program on Negotiation offers links to internships providing experience in "the theory and practice of negotiation and dispute resolution.

Corporate Accountability International - Compensation: Paid Positions(s)
Corporate Accountability International, formerly known as INFACT, offers interns experience in its work \"waging and winning campaigns that challenge irresponsible and dangerous corporate actions around the world.\"

Council for a Liveable World/CLW Education Fund - Compensation: Paid Positions(s)
The Council for a Livable World, the Center for Arms Control & Non-Proliferation and PeacePAC are among the nation's preeminent arms control organizations. They focus on halting the spread of weapons of mass destruction, opposing a national missile defense system, cutting Pentagon waste, and reducing excessive arms exports. The Council and PeacePAC are also political lobbies which endorse political candidates." Ask your college or university about earning academic credit with this internship.

Council on American Islamic Relations - Compensation: Paid Positions(s)
CAIR was established to promote policies that \"provide Muslim-Americans with the same equality granted to everyone else.

Council on Economic Priorities - Compensation: Paid Positions(s)
The Council on Economic Priorities is committed "to making information on corporate social responsibility available to millions of consumers, investors, policy makers and businesses." It seeks interns with excellent communcation skills.

Council on Foreign Relations - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
A non-partisan organization dedicated to disseminating information to increase understanding of the issues facing the United States and other governments.

Council on Hemispheric Affairs - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Independent research and information organization that promotes the common interests of the Western Hemisphere and rational U.S. policy in Latin America.

Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
This agency is the military counterpart in intelligence gathering and analysis to the CIA.

Defense Systems and Intelligence Careers - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
A comprehensive source for information on employment in the defense industry.

Delphi International - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
Delphi's purpose is to encourage understanding and cooperation between the people of the United States and peoples of other countries.

Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
The U.S. agency that administers international trade agreements.

Development Group for Alternative Policies - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Works for a just international economic order and development policies that promote a wide distribution of their benefits.

DFI International - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Government consulting firm.

East-West Center - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The East-West Center offers occasional internship opportunities in its wide variety of active research projects on U.S./Asia-Pacific relations.

Eisenhower Institute - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Building on President Dwight D. Eisenhower\'s legacy of leadership, the Eisenhower Institute works \"for outcomes that serve the long-term interests of the American people while promoting justice and international peace.

Environmental Law and Policy Center - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Environmental Law and Policy Center is a Midwest public interest environmental advocacy organization that offers legal interns experience in policy and litigation.

Environmental Protection Agency - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
The Environmental Protection Agency\'s mission \"is to protect human health and the environment.\" This site provides a general list of EPA internships.

Federation of American Scientists - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Federation of American Scientists is dedicated to policies that promote the responsible use of science and technology.

Food Research and Action Center - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Food Research and Action Center interns apply their commitment to public interest and anti-poverty work to a variety of projects that promote the availability of food resources.

Foreign Policy Association - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
The Foreign Policy Association is a non-profit organization that encourages the American public's interest in foreign affairs. Its job page offers searches within an extensive list of internships.

Forum for International Policy - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
Articulates a clear, consistent voice in support of American world leadership.

Fresno Pacific Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
The Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies operates a website with an extensive listing of internships, along with other job openings, in the field of conflict studies.

Friends Committee of National Legislation - Compensation: Paid Positions(s)
The Friends Committee on National Legislation works to promote historic faith-based insights and solutions to address problems of government.

Friends of the Earth - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
The Friends of the Earth work toward a shared vision of a "more healthy, just world." It offers a variety of internships that provide experience working on current environmental issues.

Fund for Peace - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The mission of the Fund for Peace is to prevent war and alleviate the conditions that cause war.

Global Policy Forum - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Global Policy Forum's mission is to encourage global citizen participation in order to promote advocacy on "vital issues of international peace and justice.

Global Security Institute - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Founded by the late Senator Alan Cranston, the Global Security Institute "works to achieve incremental steps that enhance security and lead to the global elimination of nuclear weapons.

Government Accountability Office - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Government Accountability Office serves the needs of the U.S. Congress in evaluating the performance and ensuring the accountability of the federal government. It offers short-term internships that focus on a variety of public policy issues.

Grassroots International - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Grassroots International offers its interns "the opportunity to learn about international development and human rights while serving the cause of social justice."

Greenpeace - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
As a global organization, Greenpeace focuses on the most crucial worldwide threats to our planet's biodiversity and environment.

Guatemala Human Rights Commission USA - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Guatemala Human Rights Commission/USA monitors, documents, and reports on the human rights situation in Guatemala. Interns are integrated into the work of the staff. Spanish language skills are particularly useful for interns.

Henry L. Stimson Center - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Provides pragmatic solutions to the problems of national and international security through research projects to overcome "historic tendencies toward war and conflict.

Heritage Foundation - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Researches domestic and foreign policy issues from a conservative viewpoint.

High Frontier - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Advocacy group that promotes ballistic missile defense systems.

Hudson Institute - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Hudson InstituteÕs mission is to be AmericaÕs premier source of applied research on enduring policy challenges.

Human Rights Documentation Exchange - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Human Rights Documentation Exchange provides interns first hand experience working with human rights and refugee issues.

Human Rights First - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
Human Rights First, formerly the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, works "to create a secure and humane world by advancing justice, human dignity and respect for the rule of law." It offers a variety of internships; law students are especially encouraged to apply.

Human Rights Watch/Helsinki Watch Committee - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
Human Rights Watch offers internships at its U.S. and London offices, working in a wide variety of subject areas to promote impartial reporting of violations as well as fostering the development of human rights. - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s) provides extensive information on internships, jobs, and volunteer opportunities in the area of human rights and international development. It offers a variety of discussion lists for those seeking work in these fields, as well a handy page of tips for non-profit jobseekers. Idealist is a project of Action Without Borders.

Initiatives of Change - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
An informal, international network of people of all faiths and backgrounds working to change the world by first seeking change in their own lives.

Insititute for International Mediation and Conflict Resolution - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
The Institute for International Mediation and Conflict Resolution provides a general listing of internships in organizations compatible with its work "to promote peaceful conflict resolution techniques among a generation of future leaders.

Institute for Science and International Security - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
A research organization that provides critical information in support of nuclear arms reduction and non-proliferation.

Institute for Defense Analyses - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Institute for Defense Analyses administers three federally funded research and development centers specializing in research to support the transformation of US military forces by \"addressing important national security issues, particularly those requiring scientific and technical expertise.

Institute for Defense and Disarmament Studies - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
A nonprofit think tank for research and education on ways to reduce the risk of war, minimize military spending, and foster democratic institutions

Institute for Energy and Environmental Research - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Institute for Energy and Environmental Research works to merge scientific expertise with democratic action on issues of energy and the environment. It occasionally offers internships.

Institute for Food and Development Policy (Food First) - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Food First offers a veriety of unpaid internships, including on-line, remote internships. Those fluent in Spanish or Portuguese are especially needed. About 25% of an intern's work will be administrative, but the majority of time is spent on the individual projects of interns.

Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis is an independent, nonpartisan research organization affiliated with the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. It offers a limited number of internships specializing in national security, foreign policy, and defense planning issues.

Institute for Global Communications - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
The Institute for Global Communications offers a consolidated listing of internships available with progressive grassroots organizations.

Institute for International Mediation and Conflict Resolution (IIMCR) - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
IIMCR is a Washington, DC-based institution that promotes the use of peaceful conflict resolution techniques. Their web site posts job openings at various other relevant organizations and provides links to job and internship resources.

Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy has a particular emphasis on internships for international students and U.S. international studies students in its work \"to promote a systems approach to peacebuilding and the transformation of deep-rooted social conflict.

Institute for National Strategic Studies - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Institute for National Strategic Studies (INSS) at the National Defense University in Washington, D.C. supports an internship program for students to work on regional and thematic research topics. Interns have the opportunity to participate in real-time work, assist in research for publications, and work closely with a Senior Fellow who is a subject matter expert in his/her field. Interns may also have the opportunity to meet government officials, attend congressional hearings, or participate in symposia hosted by the National Defense University or the Institute.

Institute for Palestine Studies - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Publishes books related to the history and development of the Palestine problem and the Arab-Israeli conflict and promotes their peaceful resolution.

Institute for Policy Studies - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
Provides research and timely analysis on the dynamics of the national security state and the arms race and offers alternative security policies.

Institute for Science and International Security - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
The Institute for Science and International Security provides interns experience in Washington, DC while working on its "focus on stopping the spread of nuclear weapons, bringing about greater transparency of nuclear activities worldwide, and achieving deep reductions in nuclear arsenals.

Institute for Telecommunication Sciences - Compensation: Paid Positions(s)
The Institute for Telecommunication Sciences is the chief research and engineering arm of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). It offers a limited number of internships in engineering and computer science disciplines.

Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation studies the causes of international conflict and cooperation and is committed to fostering a new generation of problem-solvers and peacemakers.

Inter-American Development Bank - Compensation: Paid Positions(s)
By providing loans and technical assistance, the IADB promotes the investment of public and private capital in Western Hemisphere member countries for social and economic development. - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
An excellent resource to finding an internship abroad.

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
The IAEA is a United Nations agency responsible for promotion of peaceful uses of nuclear energy and evaluating compliance with international safeguards and agreements relating to nuclear energy.

International Peace Bureau - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Based in Geneva, Switzerland, the International Peace Bureau is an international networking organization for NGOs composed of over 265 peace organizations.

International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War "seeks to prevent all wars, to promote non-violent conflict resolution, and to minimize the effects of war and preparations for war on health, development, and the environment."

International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
The International Trade Administration regulates export and international trade in the US Department of Commerce. This website offers a list of positions associated with the ITA, including internships.

ISAR - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
ISAR: Resources for Environmental Activists fosters \"practical and collaborative resolutions to the environmental threats faced by communities in the former Soviet Union.\"

Jamestown Foundation - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Serves the interests of the US by monitoring the status of political and economic freedom in the former Soviet Union by encouraging the development of democracy and free enterprise.

Jerusalem Fund for Education and Community Development - Compensation: Paid Positions(s)
Based in Washington, D.C., this organization is "committed to enhancing the lives of Palestinians and to communicating reliable and objective information about the Palestinian experience."

Jewish Institute for International Security Affairs (JINSA) - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Informs the American Jewish community of the importance of a capable US defense structure and the American defense community of the role Israel plays in securing Western interests.

Jewish Peace Lobby - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Seeks to "promote a just and lasting resolution" to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by promoting peaceful negotiation of the conflict, based on Israel's right to peace and security and the Palestinian right to self-determination.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
The University Relations Program of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory encourages collaborations between the laboratory and academic communities. A variety of internship programs are available to qualified students.

Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Lawyers\' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law offers legal interns experience in its work combating discrimination.

League of Women Voters - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The League of Women Voters offers a wide variety of internships at all levels of its national organization and local affiliates.

Legacy International - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
Legacy International builds leadership and strengthens civil society by offering international interns an opportunity to experience U.S. culture.

LULAC National Education Service Centers - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The League of United Latin American Citizens offers interns a variety of fields in which to gain experience as they help it fulfill its mission to advance the position of the Hispanic U.S. population. Fluency in Spanish is highly desirable.

Mennonite Central Committee - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Mennonite Central Committee is the mission organization of the Mennonite and Brethern in Christ congregations of North America. It works among the suffering to reduce poverty, conflict, and oppression. The MCC offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunties, although only a few are formally classified as internships.

Mercy Corps/Conflict Management Group - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Mercy Corps provides internships in its international relief and development programs. Contact your college or university for college credit from this internship.

Mid-South Peace and Justice Center - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Mid-South Peace and Justice Center is an interfaith, inter-racial regional organization based in Memphis. While it is volunteer-driven, it also offers internships.

Middle East Institute - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Middle East Institute provides interns the opportunity to develop leadership skills through active engagement in discussions with scholars. Its interns are unpaid, but MEI offers free language training and reimbursement for local travel expenses.

Middle East Research and Information Project - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Publishes a quarterly magazine and special publications that analyze the political economy of the Middle East and US involvement in the area.

Monterey Institute of International Studies - Compensation: Paid Positions(s)
The Monterey Institute, through its Center for Non-Proliferation Studies, offers internships, as well as a program that sends interns to a variety of international non-proliferation organizations.

National Association for Community Mediation - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The National Association for Community Mediation offers a limited number of interns interested in conflict resolution a substantive research experience.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
Through its Youth Entrepreneurial Institute and other programs, the NAACP works to \"ensure the political, educational, social and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination.\"

National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund - Compensation: Paid Positions(s)
The National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund offers qualified interns a living stipend as it seeks to offer \"conscientious objectors to war\" the right to have their taxes go to non-military purposes only.

National Civic League - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
The National Civic League offers interns the opportunity to build communities through building democratic institutions. It periodically offers internships.

National Commission for Economic Conversion and Disarmament - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
Serves as a clearinghouse for information and technical expertise by promoting a greater awareness about the links between the military economy, economic planning, and disarmament.

National Council for Science and the Environment - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Provides environmental policy research.

National Council on US-Arab Relations - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Promotes US understanding of the Arab world through various overseas study tours and US-based educational and leadership development programs.

National Defense Council Foundation - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Studies the social, political, economic, and military aspects of low-intensity conflicts worldwide.

National Institute for Public Policy - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
National Institute for Public Policy is a non-profit educational organization devoted to assessing US foreign and defense policy in the post-Cold War international community.

National Nuclear Security Administration - Compensation: Paid Positions(s)
Administered by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, the National Nuclear Security Administration's graduate internship program provides students with training and practical experience in the field of nonproliferation.

National Peace Foundation - Compensation: Paid Positions(s)
Promotes the development and implementation of conflict resolution education and training in the U.S. and peace-building and democracy building internationally, especially in Russia and the South Caucasus Republics.

National Research Council, Space Studies Board - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Space Studies Board (SSB) "provides an independent, authoritative forum for information and advice on all aspects of space science and applications" in order to craft effective national scientific policy for the exploration and use of space.

National Science Foundation - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
The National Science Foundation is an independent federal agency that promotes scientific progress and national defense. It offers a variety of internship and training opportunities in government service.

National Security Agency (NSA) - Compensation: Paid Positions(s)
It coordinates, directs, and performs highly specialized activities to protect U.S. information systems and produce foreign intelligence information.

National Security Archive - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Uses the Freedom of Information Act to enrich scholarship, journalism, and the public debate by making available previously classified US government documents underlying key issues of contemporary foreign policy.

National Telecommunication and Information Administration - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
The National Telecommunications and Information Administration is an Executive Branch agency that deals with telecommunications and information policy issues. The link provides a list of internships associated with the NTIA.

Natural Resource Defense Council - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
Designs and advocate solutions for critical domestic and global environmental problems, including arms control.

Network: National Catholic Social Justice Lobby - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
NETWORK, A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby, offers an internship equivalent through its 11-month Associate Program. Participants gain experience in legislative advocacy for "peace and economic justice in our nation and the world.

Nixon Center - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Nixon Center engages in "an enlightened pursuit of national interest to explore ways of enhancing American security and prosperity while taking into account the legitimate perspectives of other nations."

Nonviolence International - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Provides assistance to individuals, organizations, and governments seeking nonviolent means to achieve their social and political goals.

North American Congress on Latin America - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
North American Congress on Latin America interns assist in the production of NACLA\'s Report on the Americas. Knowledge of Spanish or Portuguese is a plus.

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation supports efforts to abolish nuclear weapons by strengthening international institutions through empowering "youth to create a more peaceful world."

Nuclear Information and Resource Service - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Provides information and organizing assistance by serving as a national clearinghouse for the anti-nuclear power/sustainable energy movement.

Nuclear Threat Initiative - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
Nuclear Threat Initiative is a private sector organization that seeks to "strengthen global security by reducing the risk of use and preventing the spread of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.

Organization of American States - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Provides Western Hemisphere member states with technical and advisory assistance in their educational, cultural, scientific, social, and economic affairs.

Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe is the world's largest regional security organization. The OSCE offers short-term internships in its institutions and field missions involved in early warning, conflict prevention, crisis management, and post-conflict rehabilitation.

Oxfam America - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Oxfam America offers internships and volunteer positions at its Boston and Washington, DC offices. These structured programs allow students to contribute to Oxfam's work promoting "development programs and emergency relief services [and to] campaigns for change in global practices and policies that keep people in poverty.

Oxford Research Group - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Carries out research into the structures and processes of nuclear weapons decision-making around the world, as well as seeking to increase transparency and accountability, while reducing nuclear non-proliferation.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory develops \"breakthrough science and technology to meet key national needs.\" Its work encompasses the environment, energy, health, and national security.

Peace Action - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
Educates, organizes, and lobbies for disarmament and economic conversion and against military intervention.

Peace Brigades International USA - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Peace Brigades International is a non-governmental organization which \"protects human rights and promotes nonviolent transformation of conflicts.\" PBI offers volunteers with language skills experience in grassroots work.

Peace Links - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Peace Links is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization whose primary mission is to find alternatives to violence both locally and globally. Internships are available throughout the academic year and summer.

Peace Museum - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Peace Museum in Chicago explores "the impact of war and peace through the arts." There are opportunities to volunteer, including as docents in the museum.

Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (Europe) - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The institute seeks to recognize causes of conflict and to formulate proposals for conflict resolution measures to end confrontations expeditiously.

Physicians for Social Responsibility - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
Physicians for Social Responsibility promotes \"public policies that protect human health from the threats of nuclear war and other weapons of mass destruction, global environmental degradation, and the epidemic of gun violence in our society today.\"

Presidential Management Intern Program - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
A comprehensive federal program that supplies interns to executive branch government agencies.

Princeton Review - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
The Princeton Review provides a useful general internship search engine.

Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
A University of Maryland program that carries out research on American public attitudes about international issues by conducting nationwide polls, focus groups, and comprehensive reviews of polling conducted by other organizations.

Program on Negotiation - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
The Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School is "an interuniversity consortium involving faculty, graduate students, and administrative staff from a range of disciplines and professional schools." Its website provides a resource for identfying internships in the Boston area.

Project on Defense Alternatives - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Founded in 1991 and based in Cambridge, Mass. (USA), PDA seeks to adapt security policy to the challenges and opportunities of the post-Cold War era.

Project Ploughshares - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Project Ploughshares, a Canadian NGO, works \"to promote, facilitate, and implement the biblical imperative to seek peace and pursue justice, both in Canada and abroad.\" Participation is limited to Canadian youth 30 years of age or less.

Psychologists for Social Responsibility - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
Psychologists for Social Responsibility \"uses psychological knowledge and skills to promote peace with social justice at the community, national and international levels.\" It seeks interns for within the field, as well as from other disciplines.

Public Education Center - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
Works to increase coverage of military, arms control, and international security stories by the major news media.

Public Interest Research Groups - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
The state Public Interest Research Groups are a network of independent, state-based, citizen-funded organizations that advocate for the public interest." They offer a wide variety of internship opportunities in diverse areas of public policy.

RAND - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
Conducts research on systemic problems of concern to government and proposes policy solutions.

Resource Center for Nonviolence - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Resource Center for Nonviolence interns work to develop community resources which implement \"the admonition to think globally and act locally.

Resources for the Future - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Provides research and policy analysis of environmental, energy, and natural resource issues.

Rocky Mountain Institute - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
The Rocky Mountain Institute focuses on energy and environmental systems through the lens of natural capitalism. It offers a limited number of highly comptetive internship opportunities.

Royal United Services Institute for Defense Studies (Europe) - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
RUSI is the world\'s oldest institute devoted to defense and security studies.

Russian-American Nuclear Security Advisory Council (RANSAC) - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
RANSAC is "an independent, non-governmental research organization dedicated to increasing the security of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and reducing proliferation risks."

Sandia National Laboratories - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
Sandia is a national security laboratory involved in a variety of research and development programs to help secure a peaceful and free world through technology. Sandia offers a series of internship programs, including ones for university undergraduate and graduate students.

Search for Common Ground - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
SFCG\'s mission is \"to transform how people deal with conflictÑaway from adversarial approaches and toward cooperative solutions.

Sojourners - Compensation: Paid Positions(s)
Sojourners is a faith-based mission committed to improving public life and social justice through teaching, organization, education and ministry. It offers interns "Christian discipleship, with a focus on life and faith, prayer and formation, and work and mission.

South African Exchange Program on Environmental Justice - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The South African Exchange Program on Environmental Justice "focuses on the effects of toxics and the deteriorating environment on the health and daily lives of communities in South Africa... to bridge communities in the US with their counterparts in South Africa around environmental justice.

Southern Christian Leadership Conference - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Southern Christian Leadership Conference arose from the struggle for racial and social justice led by Dr. Martin Luther Ling, Jr. It provides volunteer activities at the national and local levels.

Student Pugwash USA - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Student Pugwash USA builds on the Pugwash tradition of science in the service of international understanding, peace, and development by encouraging "young people to examine the ethical, social, and global implications of science and technology, and to make these concerns a leading focus of their academic and professional endeavors.

Syracuse Peace Council - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Syracuse Peace Council is an antiwar/social justice organization. Interns from a variety of disciplines can gain practical experience working in its diverse programs.

Taxpayers for Common Sense - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Taxpayers for Common Sense is dedicated to cutting wasteful government spending and subsidies in the areas of national security and the environment. It offers internships to currently enrolled college students and fellowships to recent graduates.

TransAfrica Forum - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
An organization analyzing U.S. policy in Africa and Latin America

U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation - Compensation: Paid Positions(s)
The U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation promotes scientific cooperation between the U.S. and the independent nations of the former Soviet Union. It offers internships in a variety of disciplines in the Washington, DC area.

Union of Concerned Scientists - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Union of Concerned Scientists is a non-profit organization of over 100,000 members committed to environmental improvement and promotion of the essential role of science in crafting appropriate public policy.

Unitarian Universalists Service Committee - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee offers interns experience in program or administrative areas of its work advancing \"human rights and social justice around the world, partnering with those who confront unjust power structures, and mobilizing to challenge oppressive policies.\" Most positions are at its Cambridge, Massachusetts headquarters.

United Methodist Church General Board of Church and Society - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The United Methodist Church organizes and supports faith-based outreach programs worldwide, part of its historical orientation of working toward social justice. It occasionally offers internships.

United Nations - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The United Nations offers a variety of internship opportunities through its various offices, funds, and programs. This link provides information on internships at the United Nations Secretariat New York only. Those interested in UN internships outside the New York area should directly contact the pertinent UN organizations.

United Nations Association of the USA - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The United Nations Association of the USA offers unpaid internships to students with a strong interest in international issues and multilateral insitutions.

United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
UNIDIR "conducts research on disarmament and security with the aim of assisting the international community in their disarmament thinking, decisions, and efforts."

United States Agency for International Development - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
U.S. agency that provides development assistance to countries around the world.

United States Committee for Refugees - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The United States Committee for Refugees addresses "the needs and rights of persons in forced or voluntary migration worldwide by advancing fair and humane public policy, facilitating and providing direct professional services, and promoting the full participation of migrants in community life." It offers internships for students in a variety of disciplines.

United States Department of State - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Manages the foreign relations of the United States.

United States Institute for Peace - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
This institute is part of the U.S. government and works to promote world peace.

University of Wisconsin International Careers - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
A good general source of information on job listings, including internships, which lead to international careers.

US Air Force Civilian Intern Programs - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
The US Air Force employs over 150,000 civilians in a wide variety of skills. This site offers links to the PALACE ACQUIRE Intern Program and the COPPER CAP Intern Program, both supported by the USAF.

US Department of Defense - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
This link provides a good general source for locating federal government jobs and internships. This database contains a variety of jobs available to students interested in national security, foreign policy, and conflict resolution as career paths.

US Department of Justice - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
The Department of Justice enforces U.S. law by prosecuting criminals to hold them accountable for violations of law.

US Department of Transportation - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
The US Department of Transportation administers federal programs to support and ensure the safe and secure operation of different passenger and freight transportation modes.

US Military Academy, West Point (Center for Combating Terrorism) - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Combating Terrorism Center at West Point offers interns the opportunity to participate in CTC research and writing projects.

USA Jobs - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
This website serves as a portal to internship and job opportunities throughout the federal government.

Verification Research, Training and Information Center - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
VERTIC is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization. Its mission is to promote effective and efficient verification as a means of ensuring confidence in the implementation of international agreements and intra-national agreements with international involvement.

Volunteers for Peace - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Volunteers for Peace "promotes International Voluntary Service as an effective means of intercultural education and community service." It is primarily a volunteer program, although college credit can be arranged for participants.

War Resisters League - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
The War Resisters League offers interns with a \"strong interest in nonviolence and pacifism\" experience in its anti-militarism, youth, and publication programs.

Washington Institute for Near East Policy - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
A public educational foundation that is dedicated to scholarly research and informed debate on U.S. interests in the Middle East.

Washington Center - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars is a nonprofit organization serving colleges and universities in the U.S. and other countries by providing students opportunities to work and learn in Washington, D.C. for academic credit.

Washington Office on Africa - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Washington Office on Africa seeks "to articulate and promote a just American policy toward Africa." Since it is a small organization, interns receive exposure to the full range of its work.

Washington Office on Latin America - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Washington Office on Latin America provides interns \"a wide range of exposure to the foreign policy making process and aims to familiarize its interns with current events in Latin America.\" Generally, its internships are most suitable for undergraduates.

Washington Peace Center - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The Washington Peace Center is \"a multi-issue, grassroots, and anti-racist organization working for nonviolent social change in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.\" Interns receive hands on, grassroots experience in political organizing on issues of social justice.

White House Internship Program - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Provides information for those seeking internships with the Office of the President of the United States of America

Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Operated under the auspices of the University of Wisconsin, this Washington, D.C.-based group works to stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction.

Witness For Peace - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
Witness for Peace interns are intimately involved in its mission \"to change those United States foreign and economic policies which contribute to poverty and oppression in Latin America and the Caribbean, and to promote just alternatives.

Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars - Compensation: Paid/Unpaid Positions(s)
A nonpartisan institution, supported by public and private funds, engaged in the study of national and world affairs.

World Affairs Councils of America - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
This network of locally-based international affairs councils offers international exchanges and school programs, teacher workshops, model United Nations, foreign policy discussions, national opinion polling, travel programs, journals, newspaper columns, and local radio and television programs.

World Bank - Compensation: Paid Positions(s)
The World BankÕs mission is to fight poverty and improve the living standards of people in the developing world by fostering economic development.

World Policy Institute - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
The World Policy Institute seeks to offer innovative policy proposals for public debate, promote greater public understanding of the relationship between domestic and international policy, and nurture a new generation of writers and public intellectuals committed to internationalist perspectives.

World Resources Institute - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
A staff of more than 100 scientists, economists, policy experts, business analysts, statistical analysts, mapmakers, and communicators works to protect the Earth and improve people's lives.

Worldwatch Institute - Compensation: Unpaid Positions(s)
Promotes an environmentally sustainable and socially just society, in which the needs of all people are met without threatening the health of the natural environment or the well-being of future generations.