May 6, 2016

Summer Workshop in International Security

June 7, 2015 – June 12, 2015


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Workshop Aims:

1)  to inform students about key security issues and equip them with the analytic tools to evaluate global policy proposals to address them;

2)  to develop a self-sustaining network of students with competence and interest in security studies; and

3)  to introduce students to careers in security policy-making in private and public sectors.


Workshop Topics

1)  How to think about International Security?

2)  Controlling Weapons of Mass Destruction: Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical

3)  Global Terrorism

4)  Regional Conflicts and Their Management and Resolution: Middle East; Iran and Afghanistan; South and East Asia.

5)  China and the U.S.: Competitors or Adversaries?


The course includes discussions with University faculty and expert practitioners, combining an academic assessment of the fundamental challenges of international security. Students will engage in research and make team presentations on their findings. Participants completing the workshop will be awarded an ACDIS Certificate in International Security Studies.



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