Water, Food, and Environmental Security Research at UIUC

The fields of Food, Water, and Environmental Security are important areas of security as they are directly connected to human survivability. While the these are three areas of security that are separate, they were combined into one section here because of their similarities and overlaps with each other.

Food Security involves the universal access to adequate nutrition, crop and animal sciences, and agricultural engineering technology. It also includes the transportation, storage, and distribution, and the effects of interruption of food supplies that result from natural disasters and conflicts.

Water Security includes the study of the interaction of technology and social organization in the delivery and quality of water at the household, community, regional, and national levels.

Environmental Security includes persistent environmental effects from human activities, including concepts such as climate change deforestation, and soil degradation. While there is overlap between this area of security and other topical areas, Environmental Security brings a different perspective of security threats and how to mitigate issues.

Full NameEmailCollege/Program/DepartmentTitlePublishing Date
Donald Wuebbleswuebbles@illinois.eduAtmospheric SciencesPotential effects of climate change on global security2014-11-30
Eun Chaejcha@illinois.eduCivil EngineeringDiscrepancy in Perceived Hurricane Risks in a Changing Climate2018-05-01
Ximing Caixmcai@illinois.eduCivil EngineeringClimate Change Impacts on Global Agricultural Land Availibility2018-01-01
Rabin Bhattarairbhatta2@illinois.eduAgricultural and Biological EngineeringEstimating the Impact of Climate Change on Water Availability in Bagmati Basin, Nepal2016-03-01
David Kristovichdkristo@illinois.eduAtmospheric SciencesMeteotsunamis in the laurentian great lakes2016-11-24
Beverly Wilsonbevwilso@illinois.eduUrban/Regional PlanningPlanning for Climate Adaptation: Evaluating the Changing Patterns of Social Vulnerability and Adaptation Challenges in Three Coastal Cities2016-09-01
Megan Konarmkonar@illinois.eduCivil EngineeringVirtual Water Scarcity Risk to the Global Trade System2018-01-16
Praveen Kumarkumar1@illinois.eduCivil EngineeringHydrocomplexity: Addressing water security and emergent environmental risks2015-07-01
Kaiyu Guankaiyug@illinois.eduNatural Resources and Environmental SciencesA drought monitoring and forecasting system for sub-sahara african water resources and food security2014
Nolan Millernmiller@illinois.eduBusinessAdaptation and the Mortality Effects of Temperature Across U.S. Climate Regions2017-03-01
Jesse Ribotribot@illinois.eduGeography and GISCause and response: vulnerability and climate in the Anthropocene2014-01-01
Franklin Lombardolombaf@illinois.eduCivil EngineeringJoint probabilistic wind-rainfall model for tropical cyclone hazard characterization2017-03-01
James LaFavejlafave@illinois.eduCivil EngineeringMulti-hazard approaches to civil infrastructure engineering2016-01-01
Benjamin Crostbencrost@illinois.eduACESClimate change, agricultural production and civil conflict: Evidence from the Philippines2018-03-01
Yanqing Lianylian@illinois.eduIllinois State Water SurveyClimate change enhances the severity and variability of drought in the Pearl River Basin in South China in the 21st century2018-02-15
Hall Bethbethhall@illinois.eduIllinois State Water SurveyVulnerability of grain crops and croplands in the Midwest to climatic variability and adaptation strategies2018-01-01
Rowell Kritenkarowell@illinois.eduLawRisk analysis of natural hazards: Interdisciplinary challenges and integrated solutions2016-01-01
Albert Valocchivalocchi@illinois.eduCivil EngineeringStrategic planning for drought mitigation under climate change2015-01-01
Sivapalan Murugesusivapala@illinois.eduCivil EngineeringA framework for modelling the complexities of food and water security under globalisation2018-01-01
Khanna Madhukhanna1@illinois.eduAgricultural, Consumer and Environmental SciencesSustaining our natural resources in the face of increasing societal demands on agriculture: Directions for future research2018-03-01
Craig Gundersencggunder@illinois.eduAgricultural, Consumer and Environmental SciencesFood insecurity research in the united states: Where we have been and where we need to go2018-03-01
Richard Akreshakresh@illinois.eduEconomicsClimate change, conflict, and children2016-03-01
Brian Dilldill@illinois.eduSociologyThe colonial roots of inequality: access to water in urban East Africa2014-01-01
Jeanie Bukowskijbukow@bradley.eduPolitical ScienceSharing Water on the Iberian Peninsula: A Europeanisation Approach to Explaining Transboundary Cooperation2011-06-01
Shannon O'learolear@ku.eduAtmospheric SciencesClimate Science and Slow Violence: A view from political geography and STS on mobilizing technoscientific ontologies of climate change2016
J├╝rgen Scheffranjuergen.scheffran@zmaw.deIntegrative GeographyClimate and war: No clear-cut schism2013
Prasanta Kalitapkalita@illinois.eduAgricultural and Biological EngineeringModeling effect of cover condition and soil type on rotavirus transport in surface flow2017-08-01