Department of Energy Summer Internship Experience

Published in 2018


This summer I worked at the United States Department of Energy in the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Office. My work in ACDIS on the CAGE project and ACDIS Energy Security courses inspired me to continue learning about the energy field. I applied for a summer internship position directly on the Department of Energy website and was accepted later in the spring. My work involved researching and supporting DOE efforts to include correctional facilities in ENERGY STAR Certification.

The experience gave me insight into how diverse and widespread the scope of DOE is. I developed my research and writing skills over the course of the summer. My summer highlights included visiting different energy events in Washington, D.C. including a talk on European energy security by Finland’s Minister of the Environment, Energy, and Housing, Kimmo Tiilikainen and sitting in on a U.S. House Science, Space, and Technology Committee meeting on Space Traffic Management.

I recommend students interested in the security field explore multiple disciplines and take advantage of opportunities on and off campus during college. My experiences have inspired me to continue pursuing opportunities in the public and private sector relating to energy.