ACDIS Faculty Affiliate: Lesley Wexler

Published in 2020

A Syrian Democratic Forces fighter looks out over a neighborhood on the outskirts of Raqqah, Syria, on Oct. 30, 2017. The city became a ghost town after it was sealed off to civilians because land mines had been planted throughout it. (Chris McGrath / Getty Images)

Trump Expansion of U.S. Land Mine Use May Cause More Civilian Casualties, Alienate Allies

Los Angeles Times Op-Ed – A Contribution by Lesley Wexler:

Before the global land mine ban in 1997, as many as 25,000 civilians lost their lives each year because of the explosive devices and thousands more were permanently injured. Far too often, those victims were innocent children walking to school, retrieving water, playing near these silent sentinels…

Lesley Wexler is a professor and an associate dean of academic affairs at the University of Illinois College of Law. She has published scholarly articles on the land mine ban and teaches a course on the laws of war.