Undergraduate Security Studies Group

Since its founding in the fall of 2014, the ACDIS Security Studies Group’s presence on the University of Illinois campus has grown exponentially semester after semester. The original idea came about because student interest in security-related topics was evident. Yet, it was difficult for students to connect with organizations that hire in the field. To combat this obstacle, a handful of students founded the group with the vision that it would offer interested students the networking and pre-professional training necessary to break into the security world and be successful.

Now, the ACDIS Security Studies Group engages in a variety of efforts designed to help students: regular newsletters, career prep, guest speakers, simulations, restricted networking events, and social events to name a few. The group and its events have proved useful and popular across a variety of majors, whether the students are interested in intelligence, diplomacy, academia, or policy.


  • For events and meeting times, and to speak with current members, reference the SSG Facebook page.
  • Active members are to adhere to the point system outlined on the SSG website.
  • Roles and responsibilities of the board and members can be found in the constitution.


Board member, officer and committee positions are offered for each full academic year beginning in fall. Positions include:

  • President
  • Executive Vice-President
  • Development
  • Academic Affairs
  • Events
  • Secretary/Treasurer
  • Officer and committee positions vary by semester

Fall 2019 – Spring 2020 Leaders

Jakob Domagala

President 2019-2020

Jakob Domagala is a junior majoring in history with a minor in political science. Jakob is the current president of the ACDIS Security Studies Group and enrolled in the ACDIS certificate program. Apart from the Security Studies Group, Jakob is the Treasurer for the Phi Alpha Theta History Honors Society, an editor for the Illini Journal of International Security (IJOIS), and an LAS 101 intern. His interests include reading, Tae Kwon Do, and chess.


Paisley Meyer

Vice President 2019-2020

Paisley Meyer is a Global Studies major and is pursuing the ACDIS Certificate. In addition to being the Vice President for the Security Studies Group, she is a Research Assistant for the ACDIS Program and Senior Editor for IJOIS. Her interests include European Security issues, focusing largely on international security organizations and arms agreements.


Chloe Tymoszenko

Events Director 2019-2020

Chloe is a sophomore studying political science with a concentration in international relations at UIUC. As director of events, she is excited about getting to connect with all the students, faculty and alumni that have a passion for security studies. She hopes to bring a wide variety of professional events to the organization this year as well as a few fun social events too. Some of her interests include playing piano, volleyball, and reading adventure novels.


Christopher Mitchell

Academic Affairs Director 2019-2020

Christopher Mitchell is a sophomore majoring in Global Studies with a concentration in governance and conflict resolution. Christopher is from the western suburbs of Chicago. He take a great deal of interest in Chinese politics and the rise of China. He speaks Mandarin and has traveled all over China. He hopes to run for congress someday in the future.


Elaine Sine

IJOIS Editor-in-Chief 2019-2020

Elaine Sine is a junior in international business managment with a minor in English. Her five years of editing and writing experience for various publications have ultimately strengthened her resolve of maintaining the high quality of IJOIS’s content as the journal’s upcoming editor in chief. In addition to her activities with Security Studies Group and IJOIS, Elaine also volunteers with Books 2 Prisoners and works as a research assistant involving editorial work for political science literature. Along with her love for writing, her hobbies include cooking and buying more books than she actually reads.


The ACDIS Security Studies Group is an independent, student-run organization affiliated with ACDIS through its constitutions. ACDIS staff coordinate and collaborate with these two groups to ensure success in their endeavors.