North Korea Simulation

At the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, students simulated several reactions to a Korean Peninsula crisis in the 2020s. In the simulation, the United States and North Korean heads of state had previously agreed to a halt to joint military

Red Lines and Chlorine Weapon Use in Syria

Professor Lesley Wexler Writes on Chlorine Gas Attacks in Syria

During World War I, use of chlorine gas a weapon violated prohibitions of the 1899 and 1907 Hague Conventions on use of poison weapons. Use of chlorine gas as a …

In the News: North Korea and the Doomsday Clock

The Doomsday Clock has been updated with just two minutes to midnight. A nuclear war seems to be right around the corner as the DPRK’s leader and President Trump increase international tensions. However, the times may not be as unpredictable …

The Global Middle East

This workshop aims to probe what globalization really means in today‚Äôs Middle East, and how it is reflected in movements, peoples, cultures, art forms, and networks. The aim is to show how groups, ideas, and practices that originated in the …