Faculty Research Support

ACDIS staff can offer support to ACDIS Faculty conducting interdisciplinary research. ACDIS can provide:

  • Student research support (When funding is available)
  • Grant Coordination

Grant Coordination

ACDIS staff can support ACDIS Faculty pursuing interdisciplinary grants by:

  • Coordinating proposals
  • Coordinating grant logistics (speakers, events, etc.)
  • Reporting on grants

Presentations and Workshops

ACDIS organizes events to inform the public about research and findings by ACDIS Faculty.  ACDIS will reach out to its faculty for presentation opportunities throughout the year.  For a list of ACDIS events, please see the ACDIS Events Calendar.


For ACDIS Faculty interested in working with ACDIS for research support, grant coordination, and/or presenting your research, please contact the ACDIS Director or Associate Director.