Security Calendar & ACDIS Speaker Series

These events are approved for students who are taking NPRE/GLBL 483 Seminar on Security and GLBL 199S Independent Study, Security Events.

Students are required to prepare a multiple choice quiz with five to ten questions and answers that exhibit an understanding of the lecture. NPRE/GLBL 483 and GLBL 199S students submit the quiz to Illinois Compass. The Certificate students submit the quiz to the ACDIS Office Staff at .

Spring 2019 – Security-related Events

DateConcentration EventSpeakerLocation/Time
1/23/2019Cybersecurity Cyber Attack Resilient and Communication Aware Networked Control SystemsCoordinated Science Lab 3:00pm
1/24/2019Multiple Concentrations Health Inequity In China Hongliang Wang, Nanjing Audit University China 101 International Studies Building
1/24/2019Food Security New Books in African Studies Series: Farming and Famine by Donald Crummey Professor James Brennen, History UIUC 4:30 pm
Music Room at the Levis Faculty Center
2/4/2019Cybersecurity "Security for All: Modeling Structural Inequities to Design More Secure Systems"
Elissa Redmiles, PhD Candidate, University of Maryland 2405 Seibel Center
10:00 am
2/5/2019Biosecurity Tracking an Extremely Infectious Vector Borne Disease in the Indian Continent: The Case of Kyasanur Forest Disease
Sulagna Chakraborty (Graduate Student, Department of Kinesiology & Community Health UIUC)Noon
Lucy Ellis Lounge, FLB
2/7/2019Water Security Recent Advancements in Virus Detection and Monitoring
Krista Rule Wigginton
Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan
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2/7/2019Multiple Concentrations Cultural Heritage for the Future: Can UNESCO’s Convention to Safeguard the World’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Succeed?Dr. Frank Proschan, Intangible Cultural Heritage Program Implementation UNESCO4pm
Knight Auditorium, Spurlock Museum
2/8/2019Cybersecurity A Client-Centric Approach to Transactional Data-Processing SystemsNatacha Crooks, PhD Candidate, University of Texas at Austin10:00am
2402 Seibel Center
2/11/2019Multiple ConcentrationsAgents Provocateurs, the Dead, and Apocryphal Propaganda in 1968 Mexico
Jaime Pensado, History, University of Notre Dame3:00pm
101 International Studies Building
2/12/2019Water Security Groundwater and Geothermal Resources: From the Temperature in the Guarani Aquifer to the Geothermal Energy in Urbana
Yu-Feng Forrest Lin, Hydrogeology and Geophysics, University of Illinois2:00-3:30
101 International Studies Building
2/13/2019Multiple Concentrations #MeToo and Academia: Part 2Shao Dan
Departments of East Asian Languages & Cultures and Gender & Women's Studies, Illinois

Lesley Wexler, College of Law, Illinois

Sarah Colome Women's Resources Center, Illinois

Michelle Rodrigues Postdoctoral Fellow, Beckman Institute, Illinois
210 Levis Faculty Center
2/13/2019Multiple ConcentrationsBehind Enemy Lines
Marthe Cohn, Former WWII Spy6:00pm
Foellinger Great Hall
Krannert Center for the Performing Arts
2/14/2019Multiple ConcentrationsChina’s Future: The Logic of Political Reform after the CCP’s 19th National Congress
Liwei Zhan
Jilin University, China
101 International Studies Building
2/14/2019Biosecurity Adventures in Science and Science Policy: From Industry to the White House and BeyondDr. Mary Maxon, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory4:00 pm
116 Roger Adams Laboratory
600 S. Mathews
Urbana, IL 61801
2/18/2019Multiple ConcentrationsSeeing is Disbelieving: The Contested Visibility of 9/11 in FranceProfessor Jean-Phillppe R Mathy-UIUC Noon
109 English Building, 608 S Wright St, Urbana, IL 61801
2/19/2019Nuclear Security Nuclear Disarmament via Resonant Phenomena Areg Danagoulian, Norman C. Rasmussen Assistant Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering, MIT 3:30-4:30
136 Loomis
2/21/2019Multiple Concentrations Iran: 40 Years of the Islamic Revolution That Never Was
Professor Asef Bayat-UIUC

Asef Bayat is a Professor of Sociology, and the Catherine and Bruce Bastian Professor of Global and Transnational Studies at the Department of Sociology, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.
5:00 pm
Room 1002 of Lincoln Hall; 702 S. Wright St
2/26/2019Multiple Concentrations Modern South India: A History from the 17th Century to Our Times
Rajmohan Gandhi, Research Professor of Education Policy, Organization Leadership, UIUCNoon
Lucy Ellis Lounge, FLB
2/27/2019Multiple ConcentrationsAfrican Women, ICT and Neoliberal Politics: The Challenge of Gendered Digital Divides to People-Centered Governance
Dean Assata Zerai Educational Equity, Sociology, UIUCNoon
101 International Studies Building
3/4/2019Cybersecurity Regulating Complex Infrastructure Risks: Evidence From the Electric Grid Cybersecurity Standards
Aaron Clark-Ginsberg
RAND Corporation

1:00pm CST
3/5/2019Multiple Concentrations "Challenges to Democracy at Home and Abroad"
Francesco Biagi
University of Bologna

Jason Mazzone
University of Illinois

Jacqueline Ross
University of Illinois
Room D, Law Building
3/7/2019Environmental Security Promoting Sustainability in Russia's Arctic CitiesRobert Orttung (Research Director for Sustainable GW and Research Professor at the Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University)4:00pm
101 International Studies Building
3/8/2019Multiple ConcentrationsHow Can Materials and Coral Restoration Scientists Converge to Save Coral Reefs?
Amy Wagoner Johnson
Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering Associate, 2017-2018
Levis Faculty Center
Music Room
3/8/2019Food Security Food and Nutrition Security: Perspectives from Africa
Dr. Sheryl Hendriks, University of Pretoria, South Africa3:00pm - 4:00pm
Bevier Commons, Bevier Hall, 905 S. Goodwin Ave. Urbana
3/13/2019Multiple Concentrations Constructing Solidarities in the Global Justice Movement

Manisha Desai
Professor of Sociology and Asian & Asian American Studies, University of Connecticut
4:00pm Knight Auditorium, Spurlock Museum
3/26/2019Energy Security Power Grid Outages in FEMA Region X: Causes, Impacts, and MitigationAlfonso Valdes, Information Trust Institute at the University of Illinois

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3/27/2019Multiple Concentrations In Their Own Words: North Korean Painters on Practicing Art in the DPRK
Koen De Ceuster
Lieden University, Netherlands
Lucy Ellis Lounge
Foreign Language Building
3/28/3019Multiple ConcentrationsThe Korean Peninsula in Crisis? Various Speakers from the University of Illinois, Tufts University, Leiden University, Indiana University, and University of California at Berkeley8:30am-5pm
Knight Auditorium, Spurlock Museum
3/28/2019Multiple Concentrations Lenin’s Revenge: Regional Fracture and Security (Dis)Order in Post-Communist Eurasia
Anna Ohanyan (Richard B. Finnegan Distinguished Professor of Political Science and International Relations at Stonehill College)4:00pm
101 International Studies Building
3/29/2019Multiple ConcentrationsRacial Capitalism Symposium

Michael C. Dawson
University of Chicago

Dr. Ofelia Ortiz Cuevas
UC Davis

Dr. Marisol LeBrón
University of Puerto Rico

Ruth Wilson Gilmore
City University of New York

Alyosha Goldstein
University of New Mexico

Cheryl I. Harris

Kimberly Kay Hoang
University of Chicago

Chandan Reddy
University of Washington

Jodi Melamed
Marquette University

Lisa Maria Cacho

Iyko Day
Mount Holyoke College
Knight Auditorium, Spurlock Museum
3/29/2019Multiple Concentrations
The Geopolitics of Northeast Asia: Continuing Conflicts, Popular Memory, and Economic-Cultural Interdependence
Professor John Lie,
University of California, Berkeley
3057 Lincoln Hall
3/29/2019Energy Security Save the Grid! Science Policy Group Game Night
1265 Digital Computer Lab
3/29/2019Energy SecurityISSS Sustainability Program #2: Abbott Plant
-3:00 - 5:30 pm


4/2/2019Food Security Building Institutional Capacity for Food Security - The Fifth Annual International Food Security Symposium
All day
ACES Library
4/3/2019Food Security Building Institutional Capacity for Food Security - The Fifth Annual International Food Security Symposium
All day
ACES Library
4/3/2019Multiple ConcentrationsTurkey's Role in Africa: Humanitarian or Strategic?
Dr. Hasan Ozturk (Visiting Scholar, African Studies Center, UIUC)Noon
101 International Studies Building
4/9/2019Multiple ConcentrationsRoundtable on EU Transatlantic Relations with KU Leuven-10:00am - 12:00pm
Levis Faculty Center, Room 208, 919 W Illinois St, Urbana, IL 61801
4/10/2019Energy SecurityCIRI Symposium on Resilience of Critical InfrastructuresChris Nissen, Director, Asymmetric Threat Response, the MITRE Corporation

Bob Kolasky, Director, National Risk Management Center, DHS

Ray Rothrock, CEO, RedSeal
8:00 am - 6:00 pm
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, NCSA Building, 1205 W. Clark Street, Urbana, IL
Registration, deadline is April 2, 2019 at midnight, registration required to attend
4/11/2019Energy Security CIRI Symposium on Resilience of Critical InfrastructuresChris Nissen, Director, Asymmetric Threat Response, the MITRE Corporation

Bob Kolasky, Director, National Risk Management Center, DHS

Ray Rothrock, CEO, RedSeal
8:00 am - 12:00 pm
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, NCSA Building, 1205 W. Clark Street, Urbana, IL
Registration, deadline is April 2, 2019 at midnight, registration required to attend
4/11/2019Multiple Concentrations One Woman's Journey From Pakistan to the United States: A Struggle for Women's Rights
Naureen Butt, Regional Expertise & Cultiral Instructor for the USAF Special Operations at Hurlburt Airforce Base10-11:30am
106 Main Library
4/15/2019NPRE 483 Speaker Series Pellet Streams for Pushing Spacecraft and Asteroids: Transformative but a Two-Edged Sword? Dr. Clifford Singer
Former Director of ACDIS, NPRE Professor Emeritus
100 Talbot Hall
4/19/2019Multiple Concentrations"Adoption of The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and the mention of gender in constitutional nondiscrimination clauses in select African countries: law versus practice"Professor Assata Zerai
1:00 - 2:00pm
IPRH Seminar Room, Room 424, Levis Faculty Center, 919 W. Illinois, Urbana
4/22/2019Multiple Concentrations Understanding Oman: A Unique Player in the Gulf Region
Reza Aghdam, Sultan Qaboos University
Usamah Al Farban, Swltan Qaboos University
Abdullah Al-Ba di, Sul tan Qaboos University
Asma Al-Zaidi, Sultan Qaboos University
Calvin Allen, Shenandoah University
Jerry Davila, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Hadi Salehi Esfahani, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Linda Pappas Funsch, Frederick (MD) Community College
Valerie Hoffman, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Janice Jayes, Illinois State University
Marc J. O'Reilly, Heidelberg Unive,•sity in Tiffin, Ohio
John E. Peterson, Historian and Political Analyst
Amy Erica Smith, Iowa State University
Michael K. Thomas, University of Illinois at Chicago
9:00am to 5:20pm
Levis Faculty Center
4/29/2019Physical SecurityRace, State Violence, and Radical Movements in the Decolonizing Pacific
Simeon Man
4:00 - 6:00 pm
1090 Lincoln Hall
4/30/2019Physical Security History of Western Armenian Feminism in the Ottoman Empire and the Post-Genocide Armenian Diaspora
Professor Lerna Ekmekçioğlu (MIT) and Professor Melissa Bilal (American University of Armenia)7:30 pm
Knight Auditorium, Spurlock Museum