Occasional Papers


Below is a list of the published Occasional Papers from ACDIS. The table can be searched through using the search bar on the upper right side of the table. The search bar uses a real-time search function and searches for any words in the title, data, or author that matches what was entered into the search bar. The table could also be sorted in alphabetical order with the use of the arrows in the header bar of the table.


TitleAuthorPublished Date
Is a Naval Nuclear Arms Race with China
Clifford Singer2017/02
Four Decades of Soviet Economic Assistance: Superpower Economic Competition in the Developing WorldKanet, Roger E. 2010/07
The Case against Nuclearization of South AsiaHuque, Mahmudul 2010/06
Cross-Border Terrorism in India: Counterterrorism Strategies and ChallengesAsthana, Vandana2010/06
The Cold War, Space Exploration, and the Sino-US Relationship, 1956-1970Zhang, Yang2010
From Cooperation to Confrontation: Russia and the United States since 9/11Kanet, Roger E.2009/05
The Return of Imperial Russia: Russia and Its NeighborsKanet, Roger E.2008/09
Explaining China's Continued Resistance Towards Human Rights Norms: A Historical Legal AnalysisSitaraman, Srini 2008/06
Internet Gambling and the Destabilization of National and International Economies: Time for a Comprehensive Ban on Gambling Over the World Wide WebKindt, John Warren2007/09
Gambling with Terrorism and U.S. Military Readiness: Time to Ban Video Gambling Devices on U.S. Military Bases and Facilities?Kindt, John Warren2007/01
Secularism and the Politics of Religion: Whither South Asia?Kapoor, Abhishek 2006/12
Anatomy of interlinking rivers in India: a decision in doubtShukla, A.C.; Asthana, Vandana2005/11
Economic cooperation between Pakistan and India: need, problems, and prospectsMirza, M. Nasrullah 2005/11
Destructive economic policies in the Age of Terrorism: government-sanctioned gambling as encouraging transboundary economic raiding and destabilizing national and international economiesKindt, John Warren; Brynn, Anne E.C.2005/10
Warrant to torture: a critique of Dershowitz and LevinsonAllen, Jonathan2005
The past perfect promise of facial recognition technologyGates, Kelly2004/06
Macroeconomic stability of Pakistan : the role of the IMF and World Bank (1997 - 2003)Cheema, Faisal2004/05
Energy security for Bangladesh : prospects and strategic implications of natural gasSamrina, Nawrin2004/05
Drinking death in groundwater : arsenic contamination as a threat to water security for BangladeshMoinuddin, Mustafa2004/05
Beyond precision: issues of morality and decision making in minimizing collateral casualtiesRoblyer, Dwight A.2004/04
Power projections of the People's Republic of China: an investigative analysis of defensive and offensive realism in Chinese foreign policyHeller, Eric Nathaniel 2003/11
Sovereignty, wealth, culture, and technology: mainland China and Taiwan grapple with the parameters of "nation state" in the 21st centuryPastreich, Emanuel2003/07
Civil-military relations in Pakistan : the case of the recent military intervention (October 12, 1999) and the its implications for Pakistan's security milieuKhakwani, Abdul S.2003/05
Welfare economics and growing inequalities in South AsiaShukla, A.C. 2003
Building Lasting Peace: Issues of the Implementation of the Chittagong Hill Tracts AccordChowdhury, Bushra Hasina 2002/08
The new nuclear arms control environment: trip report and project conclusionsSinger, Clifford E.; Gottemoeller, Rose; Mistry, Dimshaw; Sands, Amy2002/07
Keys to unblocking multilateral nuclear arms controlSinger, Clifford E.; Sands, Amy 2002/07
U.S. interventions in Latin America : "Plan Colombia"Solaun, Mauricio2002/06
Die multilaterale nukleare Rüstungskontrolle aus der Sackgasse holenSinger, Clifford E.; Sands, Amy2001/09
Chinese translation of Unblocking multilateral nuclear arms controlSinger, Clifford E.; Sands, Amy2001/09
Sortir de l'impasse actuelle dans les pourparlers de maîtrise multilatérale des armements nucléairesSinger, Clifford E.; Sands, Amy 2001/09
Razblokirovanie protsessa mnogostoronnego kontrolia za iadernymi vooruzheniiamiSinger, Clifford E.; Sands, Amy2001
The great powers and genocide: lessons from RwandaKolodziej, Edward A.2000/03
Security studies for the next millenium: quo vadis?Kolodziej, Edward A.2000/01
Protection pending: changing the lock on Pandora's boxEnemark, Christian 2000/01
Protection of fissile materials: the Indian experienceChari, P.R.1998/09
Aadhi raat ke baad: "After midnight"Naim, S. Rashid 1998/06
An evaluation of the chemical weapons convention and the U.S. national interestHeftman, Jeffrey M.1997/12
Non-official dialogue between India and Pakistan: prospects and problemsShah, Aqil S.1997/08
The United States, India, and Pakistan: retrospect and prospectCohen, Stephen P.1997/07
The Internet, transnational networking, and regional security in South Asia  Kumar, Chetan1997/07
Russian-Chinese-U.S. relations and security in the Asia-Pacific region Ferry, William E.; Kanet, Roger E.1997/02
Oil, environmental conflict and national security in Nigeria: ramifications of the ecology-security nexus for sub-regional peace Obi, Cyril 1997/01
The 1995 review and extension of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty  Morgan, Thomas; Singer, Clifford E.; Zych, Jason 1996/12
South Asia's persistent Cold WarBasrur, Rajesh1996/11
Look before you leap: a practical framework for reduction and possible elimination of assembled nuclear explosives holding  Singer, Clifford E.1996/11
India's defense budget: can it be reduced?  Kaushal, Neeraj1995/06
Collaborative verification and the control of nuclear tests Gallagher, Nancy W. 1995/04
Theater missile defense and the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty: either-or? Danielson, Dennis L.1995/09
Back in the chips  Bridges, Kenneth1995/01
The new world order: a historical perspective  Schroeder, Paul W.1994/05
The IPKF experience in Sri Lanka  Chari, P.R.1994/02
Conflict resolution through international intervention: a comparative study of Cambodia and El Salvador Munck, Gerardo L.1993/04
US Procurement of Weapons Components from Foreign Sources: Policy ImplicationsFritchman, Guy J.1993/01
Producing defense: reinterpreting civil-military relations in IndiaAbraham, Itty1992/03