Research Reports

Below is a list of the published Research Reports from ACDIS. The table can be searched through using the search bar on the upper right side of the table. The search bar uses a real-time search function and searches for any words in the title, data, or author that matches what was entered into the search bar. The table could also be sorted in alphabetical order with the use of the arrows in the header bar of the table.

TitleAuthorPublished Date
Climate Action Gaming Experiment: Methods and Example ResultsSinger, Clifford E.; Matchett, Leah2015/07
Effect of Current and Future Nuclear Navies on an International Agreement over the Limiting of Fissile Materials ProductionWoods, Scott2007/09
India and the Comprehensive Test Ban TreatyMistry, Dinshaw;1998/09
Iraq: Ways to Rebuild BetterMasliansky, Aaron2004/05
Modeling Global and Regional Energy FuturesBrevern, Hermann von2010/12
Modeling of CO2 Emissions and Uranium ResourcesRethinaraj, T. S. Gopi2005/11
Nuclear Confidence Building in South AsiaSinger, Clifford E.1995/06
Nuclear’s Role in 21st Century Pacific Rim Energy Use: Results and MethodsSinger, Clifford E.; Taylor, J’Tia2007/09
Passenger Presecreening Issues in Aviation SecurityMcLay, Laura A.2004/05
'Plan D' for Spent Nuclear FuelEwing, Rodney; Singer, Clifford E.; Wilson, Paul P. H.; Rosenstein, Matthew A.; Roy, William R. 2008/12
Preparation of a Global Radioxenon Emission Inventory: Understanding Sources of Radioactive Xenon Routinely Found in the Atmosphere by the International Monitoring System for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban TreatyKalinowski, Martin B.; Erickson, Lawrence H.; Gugle, Gregory J.2005/12
Probability Distributions for Carbon Emissions and Atmospheric Response: Results and MethodsSinger, Clifford; Rethinaraj, T. S. Gopi; Addy, Samuel; Durham, David; Isik, Murat; Kaspar, Tod; Khanna, Madhu; Kuehl, Brandon; Luo, Janding; Quimio, Wilma; Rajendran, Kothavari; Qiang, Ji; Scheffran, Jürgen; Tiouririne, T. Nedjla; Zhang, Junli 2007/09
Reinventing MultilateralismSinger, Clifford E.; Walsh, James; Wilkening, Dean2004/12
Uranium Price vs. Cumulative UseSinger, Clifford E.; Brevern, Hermann von2010/05
The French Desire for Uranium and its Effects on French Foreign Policy in AfricaPederson, Nicholas R.2001/05
How China’s Options Will Determine Global WarmingSinger, Clifford; Milligan, Timothy; Rethinaraj, T. S. Gopi2013/12
Stabilizing the Option: Deterrence, Confidence Building, and Arms Control in South AsiaBurns, Susan M.1995/03