Dr. John A. Lynn II: Recipient of the Samuel Eliot Morison Prize and NEH Public Scholar Award

John Lynn has earned numerous awards, the most recent two being the Samuel Eliot Morison Prize and the NEH Public Scholar Award. Bestowed by the Society for Military History, an international professional organization of scholars, soldiers and citizens, the Samuel Eliot Morison Prize is the most honored award a military historian can receive. It is given once a year to a scholar who has made outstanding contributions to the field throughout his or her career. Professor Lynn is also the first at the University of Illinois to receive the Public Scholar Award from the National Endowment for the Humanities, which will support his book “The Other Side of Victory: A History of Surrender from Medieval Combat to Modern Terrorism.”

John Lynn is a military historian and Professor Emeritus at for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)…

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Security In The News

NPR: Stanislav Petrov, ‘The Man Who Saved The World,’ Dies At 77

System malfunction or nuclear attack? Faced with a daunting situation, Petrov made the right choice.

Arms Control Association: More Than 80 Nuclear Nonproliferation Experts Reaffirm Support for the Iran Nuclear Deal

Nonproliferation specialists believe Iran is meeting its JCPOA requirements and encourage U.S. politicians to remain committed to the agreement.

The New York Times: Satellite Images of North Korea Show Landslides at Nuclear Test Site

China and South Korea fear radioactive fallout from North Korea’s nuclear test if radiation drifts over their borders.

Wired: Hackers Gain Direct Access to US Power Grid Controls

The Dragonfly 2.0 attacks to energy companies gave hackers operational access, making blackouts a possible method of sabotage.

Chicago Tribune: U.N. Security Council Imposes Tough New Sanctions on North Korea

With the support of China, the United Nations Security Council voted for heavier sanctions against North Korea.

The New York Times: Putin, Responding to Sanctions, Orders U.S. to Cut Diplomatic Staff by 755

The relationship between Russia and the U.S. deteriorates as sanctions increase and Putin makes cuts to American staff.

The Hill: U.S. Just as Focused On Data Security As Europe

While some lawmakers want to limit encryption to improve government access to information that could solve crimes, others argue that creating access points would make data more susceptible to hacking.

Council on Foreign Relations: National Security Implications of Climate Change

Ambassador John Campbell details the effects of climate change on United States agriculture, oil production, social and territorial tensions, and more.