Cyber Security: A Focus on Power Grids (Hui Lin)

Hui Lin - ECE Illinois

Tell us a little bit about what you do?

Within cyber security I primarily research Cyber-Physical Systems and the Internet of Things. I focus on preventing remote insider attacks against power grids by strengthening the ability of existing networks to cope with penetration vulnerability.
Take a look at research by Peter Sauer and William Sanders on bettering cyber infrastructure for power grids here.

What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things includes any computer devices, such as printers, surgical robotic arms, phone cameras, and self-driving cars. Devices like these are typically easy to hack into and do not know they are being penetrated because they do not run strong security systems. In the future, it could be possible for hackers to impact people’s driving abilities or change the outcomes of surgeries if the security systems on these everyday devices are not strengthened.

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Events & Announcements

We moved!

Our new offices are now in the Armory building directly south of the ones we vacated in the International Studies Building. You can find us in Rooms, 350, 351, and 352 (3rd floor, north corridor) overlooking the track. If you attended any events in our conference room, our offices are now close by. We will have an open house on February 15 starting at 4 pm. Save the date!

New Address:
350 Armory Building, MC-533
505 East Armory Avenue
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Online Courses – Winter Break 2016

The following two courses approved for the ACDIS Certificate in Global Security will be offered online for winter break.
ATMS/ESE 120 Severe and Hazardous Weather
GEOL/ESE/GLBL 118 Natural Disasters