Water Security: Geologic Groundwater Maps

Donald Keefer is a Research Affiliate and retired Senior Hydrogeologist with the Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS), a division of the Prairie Research Institute. His research applies knowledge management, machine learning and data mining technologies to geology to improve methods of characterizing uncertainties in geologic models. These models are used for management of many different natural resources, from groundwater to petroleum to aggregate, and much of his research is targeted to problems of groundwater security.

What is the importance of having reliable geologic maps?

All models contain uncertainties which, if uncharacterized, can lead to significant risk in any decision that depends on the reliability of predictions from the models…

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Events & Announcements

Congratulations Derek Hoot for Receiving the David L. Boren Scholarship!

Derek Hoot, a Political Science student persuing ACDIS Undergraduate Certificate in Global Security, was awarded $18,500 by the National Security Education Program so that he can study Arabic in Jordan in the upcoming academic year. Derek has worked as a legislative aide to Illinois Rep. Carol Ammons, was President of the FBI Students’ Academy, Captain to a junior USA men’s wheelchair basketball team, and a varsity basketball player for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

ISODARCO Summer Course in Famagusta, Cyprus 10-15 July 2017

International Security in the Evolving Political and Technological Environment

Directed by Aylin Gürzel of Eastern Mediterranean University, this five-day course in Famagusta will draw on the expertise of esteemed lecturers to discuss how rapidly developing technologies and political landscapes are evolving the nature of war. Advances in weaponry and intelligence have introduced the possibility of another arms race, calling for better methods of arms control. This course will study these risks and consider potential solutions.

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Security In The News

Devex: Trump Budget Thrusts U.S. Foreign Aid into a Political Fight

In his budget request, Trump is proposing slashing foreign development assistance spending by a third. While this could help the administration make political gains and is intended to enhance the efficiency of humanitarian aid, the cuts could be detrimental to food security and disaster assistance around the world.

The Hill: DOJ Pitches Agreements to Solve International Data Warrant Woes

The Department of Justice has asked Congress for permission to collaborate with other countries to serve warrants on data in investigations. Currently, data stored outside of the U.S. may be outside the jurisdiction of the Department of Justice depending on the laws of the other country.

The London Economic: Lawyers Draft First Ever Legal Manual of Space Warfare

The manual will set legal parameters for military uses of outer space, such as attacking satellites, firing lasers, keeping prisoners of war, and altering satellite images.

BBC: Trump Warns of Iranian Nuclear Threat on Visit to Israel

Trump visited Israel to discuss an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement and spoke against Iran’s possession of nuclear weapons.

The Guardian: Outnumbering Refugees Two to One: How the World Ignores War’s Greatest Scandal

There are more people displaced within their countries as a result of conflict than there are refugees, yet fewer resources have gone toward resettling those who are internally displaced.

Harvard Business Review: What the Rise of Russian Hackers Means for Your Business

Businesses need to assume they will be breached and learn to prioritize the protection of the data the company would not be able to function without. Communications plans should be established in case a breach does occur.

The Hill: Five Things Congress Should Do in Response to the WannaCry Ransomware Attack

Worldwide malicious cyber attacks will only worsen with time, so legislators need to promote better cybersecurity by helping agencies share protection strategies and making sure infrastructure is in place to implement security fixes in the future.

UC Davis: 7 Challenges for Achieving Global Food Security

Hunger, obesity, malnutrition, low crop yields, inadequate food storage, poor sanitation, and political instability all contribute to global food insecurity. The Challenge of Change Commission defined seven challenges for public research universities that seek to combat these issues.

Reuters: Oddities in WannaCry Ransomware Puzzle Cybersecurity Researchers

Malware was distributed by WannaCry in over 100 countries on Friday to take company information in exchange for ransom. Phishing emails established ransomware before using the Microsoft vulnerability to propagate. Though the first WannaCry compromise is unclear, some researchers believe North Korea is linked to the attack.

The Hill: Former Pentagon Chief: Arctic Drilling Order Could Threaten Security

Trump ordered that the Interior Department reconsider Obama’s bans on drilling in the Arctic Ocean. Panetta argued that drilling is likely to have environmental impacts and would invite other nations to engage in the same kind of exploitation.

UN News Centre: Sexual Violence in Conflict ‘Legitimate Threat’ to Peace and Security

Sexual violence is increasingly used as a tactic of terrorism, employed by extremist groups in places like Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria and Mali to advance their military, economic and ideological ends, UN Deputy Chief says.

ACDIS Speaker Series: Charles Geigner

Please join us for a seminar by Charles Geigner, Assistant Director of Privacy & IT Security Infrastructure,
Privacy & Information Security at Tech Services, UIUC. April 18th. Details here and above.