April 10th, 2024 | 5:00pm | Room 1020, The Chez Veterans Center and on Zoom 


Meeting ID: 884 4896 5668
Password: ACDIS

Abstract: This seminar discusses the vision, mission, core functions, and priorities of the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Threat Reduction and Arms Control. In doing so we will highlight the work my office does to ensure Defense Department compliance with nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons treaties and agreements. The speaker will also share some thoughts on the WMD threat environment and opportunities and challenges facing the WMD threat reduction enterprise as well as my career path and advice for those interested in pursuing a career in this space.

Biography:  Built by the US government to house the Hanford nuclear site workers who manufactured weapons-grade plutonium for the Manhattan Project, Richland, Washington is proud of its heritage as a nuclear company town and proud of the atomic bomb it helped create. RICHLAND offers a prismatic, placemaking portrait of a community staking its identity and future on its nuclear origin story, presenting a timely examination of the habits of thought that normalize the extraordinary violence of the past. Moving between archival past and observational present, and across encounters with nuclear workers, community members, archeologists, local tribes, and a Japanese granddaughter of atomic bomb survivors, the film blooms into an expansive and lyrical meditation on home, safety, whiteness, land, and deep time.