Thank you Sarah Bidgood, David Schmerler, and everyone that attended the Oct 1st and 2nd events!

A big thank you to everyone who attended and organized the events for Sarah Bidgood and David Schmerler’s visit to UIUC and made their visit such a success! We are thankful for the opportunities presented to students during the lectures and Q&A sessions our guests held to highlight careers in arms control, nonproliferation, and foreign policy.


Sarah Bidgood is the Director of the Eurasian Nonproliferation Program at the James Martin Center in Montery, CA, and David Schmerler is a Senior Research Assistant for the James Martin Center in Washington DC.


The Strategies of Terrorism – May 1st

ACDIS core faculty and Professor Emeritus in the Department of History John Lynn presented a talk on “The Strategies of Terrorism” to promote his forthcoming book, “Another Kind of War: The Nature and History of Terrorism” on May 1st in 144 Loomis Lab from 5 – 6 PM.

Did you know that ACDIS offers a Certificate in Global Security?

It’s true, we do! Available to University of Illinois Undergraduates, the Certificate in Global Security:

  • Develops foundational knowledge of global security studies
  • Complements studies of existing majors
  • Prepares students for work in government, the private sector, and professional careers, NGO’s, and academia
  • Provides an important credential to present to potential employers

ACDIS also has a Security Studies RSO that meets weekly. In addition, we offer the opportunity to be published in our student journal, the Illini Journal of International Security.

Want to know more? Please visit the Academics tab on this page to find out how you can get involved!

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Events & Announcements

2019 Certificate in Global Security recipients

Congratulations, and best wishes from ACDIS!


Pictured from left to right: Madison Johnston, Camila Martinica, Eden Atkins, Alex Floeckher, Allison Wheeler, Peter Miller, Robin Wilson, Maxx Villotti, Francesca Robinson, ACDIS Director Matthias Grosse Perdekamp, Sarah Zettinger

Interview with Professor Murphy

ACDIS Core Faculty and Professor of Philosophy, Political Science, and Law recently was interviewed by 3:AM Magazine. The article focuses on Professor Murphy’s expertise in transitional justice, and what led her to become the preeminent expert in that field.

Photo Credit: College of Law

ACDIS Core Faculty Lesley Wexler publishes commentary on #MeToo: Counting the Collective Harm of Missing Women’s Work

University of Illinois Law Professors Robin B. Kar, and Lesley Wexler, an ACDIS Core Faculty member have published a piece parsing the social reform movement that #MeToo has driven, and the broader consequences it has had.

Professor Wexler has broad research interests in international humanitarian law, human rights law, and sex discrimination. Professor Wexler specializes in those legal areas that reflect the movement of anti-discrimination and humanitarian norms through domestic law, international law, social movements, and corporations.


GEOG 379 Added to Course List!

Introduction to GIS Systems is now an approved course for the Certificate in Global Security. It is available each semester and in the summer, and is worth 4 credit hours toward the Natural Science requirement.

Library Guide on Arms Control, Domestic & International Security

Need help researching topics in security? Use the library as a resource!

The Arms Control Collection consists of indexes, yearbooks, handbooks, bibliographies, monographs and serials dealing with arms control, disarmament, and international security. The collection does not represent all of the library’s holdings on these subjects; additional materials on these subjects are available throughout libraries on campus, and the call numbers listed below will help you find materials on the shelves. In addition, the Library has a large number of electronic (e-) books and journals. E-books can be found in the Online Library Catalog and e-journals can be found in the Online Journals & Databases.

Women and Gender in Global Perspective Breakfast


From 8:30 – 9:30am (drop in), Sarah Bidgood and David Schmerler from the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS) will be available to answer questions about current career opportunities and challenges.

The CNS Young Women in Nonproliferation Initiative aims to increase awareness about WMD-related issues among female students at US colleges and universities. It encourages them to pursue careers in nonproliferation, arms control, and disarmament through outreach, mentorship, and support.

Russian, E. European & Eurasian Center to host an event on WMD Nonproliferation and Arms Control

On October 1st, Russian, E. European & Eurasian Center, sponsored by LAS Global Studies, will be hosting an event on challenges, opportunities and careers in nonproliferation and arms control.

The international community faces no shortage of challenges when it comes to preventing the spread of nuclear weapons, which will require creative ideas and novel methodologies to surmount. In this talk, Sarah Bidgood and Dave Schmerler will highlight different opportunities and approaches to contribute to this process. They will focus in particular on the need for greater diversity, including gender diversity, among experts and practitioners in this field.

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