Chemical and Biological Security Research at UIUC

Biological and Chemical Security includes the overlap between detection of and defense against chemical agents and the toxins, the source of which can be either man-made or natural, and biological effects of chemical weapons and large-scale releases of hazardous industrial chemicals, that can often be serious and long-lasting. Biological and Chemical Security is an area that concerns the environment as well as the people living in it. The increasing amount of threats in this area that are fueled by both global political tension and technological advancements makes it a crucial branch of security.


Full Name Email College/Program/Department Title Publishing Date
Matthew Stasiewicz Food Science and Human Nutrition A Review of the Methodology of Analyzing Aflatoxin and Fumonisin in Single Corn Kernels and the Potential Impacts of These Methods on Food Security 2020-3-5
Mei-Po Kwan Geography and GIS Who Could Not Avoid Exposure to High Levels of Residence-Based Pollution by Daily Mobility? Evidence of Air Pollution Exposure from the Perspective of the Neighborhood Effect Averaging Problem (NEAP): From Recognition to Results 2020-2-14
Blanke Steven Molecular and Cellular Biology Chronic in vivo exposure to Helicobacter pylori VacA: Assessing the efficacy of automated and long-term intragastric toxin infusion 2020-12-1
Rebecca Smith Integrative Biology A Data-Informed Approach for Analysis, Validation, and Identification of COVID-19 Models 2020-10-6
Andrei Kuzminov Molecular and Cellular Biology Sources of thymidine and analogs fueling futile damage-repair cycles and ss-gap accumulation during thymine starvation in Escherichia coli 2019-3
Brenda Wilson Molecular and Cellular Biology CNF1-like deamidase domains: Common Lego bricks among cancer-promoting immunomodulatory bacterial virulence factors 2018-7-1
John Herrmann Veterinary Medicine Beyond One Health: From Recognition to Results 2018-5-1