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William Roy

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Contact Information

104 S. Wright Street
M/C 234
Urbana, IL 61801
Adjunct Lecturer

Research Interests

- Radioactive waste management
- Carbon sequestration
- Environmental impacts of coal utilization, chemical fate and transport of contaminants in soil and groundwater
- Solid-phase equilibria of natural and anthropogenic materials in aqueous, solution
- Equilibrium distribution and thermodynamics of chemical constituents at solid-liquid interfaces

Additional Campus Affiliations

Adjunct Professor, Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering, 2007 - present
Appointment to the Graduate Faculty, University of Illinois, 1988-present

Highlighted Publications

- Roy, W. R. and R. L. Holm. 2013. Decommissioning the University of Illinois Nuclear Research Laboratory. Journal of Nuclear Energy Science and Power Generation Technology (

- Berger, P. M., and W. R. Roy, Potential for iron oxides to control metal releases in CO2 sequestration scenarios. Energy Procedia, 4: 3195-3201

- Glessner, J. J. G. and W. R. Roy, Paleosols in central Illinois as potential sources of ammonium in groundwater. Ground Water Monitoring and Remediation, 29, 56-64, 2009.