Certain courses from the Undergraduate Certificate in Global Security have been retired from the University's course catalog and thus the Certificate course list. Any student to previously complete a retired course is still eligible to use it towards the certificate.

Legacy Course List:

CHLH/ENVS/PATH 474: Principles of Epidemiology

CS 460/ECE 419: Security Laboratory

AE/ECE 478: Optical Remote Sensing

CHLH 461/ENVS 431/IB 485: Environmental Toxicology and Health

PLPA 204: Introductory Plant Pathology

AAS/GWS 415: War, Cinema, and Memory

AFRO 378/HIST 389: Race and Revolutions

ESE/GLBL/GEOG 215: Resource Conflicts

GEOG 310: Political Geography

GEOG 410: Geography of Development and Underdevelopment