Visiting Scholars are to submit a component of their work in the form of a policy brief or paper for publication upon the completion of their stay.

Publications by former ACDIS Visiting Scholars are cataloged in our archives.

ACDIS disseminates important research findings, briefings, and educational materials about security issues to the public through publications. ACDIS publications have affected national and international policies and decision-making on security issues.



Research Reports: Research Reports contain material that has already been published or submitted for publication, sometimes with additional background material that cannot be included in a single published document due to publishers’ length restrictions.

Occasional Papers: Occasional Papers often contain material that is of interest but not in a format suitable for submission in whole or part in a published journal or book format.


Policy Briefs

Policy Briefs are concise, informative pieces that analyze pressing security issues and offer policy implications and recommendations.

Our policy briefs have been archived at Illini Security Briefings.


Recent Publications