Below is a list of the published Research Reports from ACDIS.

Title  Author Published Date
Extrapolation of Regional Historical Trends of Anthropogenic Atmospheric Carbon Emissions Clifford E Singer 2022/08
Climate Action Game Experiment Motivation and Role of Radiative Forcing Ding, Chenghao; Singer, Clifford E. 2022/08
Calibration and Extrapolation of a Simple Global Carbon Balance Model Ding, Chenghao; Singer, Clifford E. 2022/08
Non-Anthropogenic Influences on Global Average Temperature Ding, Chenghao; Singer, Clifford E. 2022/08
Global Heat Balance Model Parameter Calibration Ding, Chenghao; Singer, Clifford E. 2022/08
Extrapolations of Global Average Temperature, Sea Level Rise, and Ocean pH Change Ding, Chenghao; Singer, Clifford E. 2022/08
Global Heat Balance Equation Probability Distributions and Extrapolations Ding, Chenghao; Singer, Clifford E. 2022/08




Author Published Date

Climate Action Gaming Experiment: Methods and Example Results

Singer, Clifford E.; Matchett, Leah 2015/07
How China’s Options Will Determine Global Warming Singer, Clifford; Milligan, Timothy; Rethinaraj, T. S. Gopi 2013/12
Modeling Global and Regional Energy Futures Brevern, Hermann von 2010/12
Uranium Price vs. Cumulative Use Singer, Clifford E.; Brevern, Hermann von 2010/05
'Plan D' for Spent Nuclear Fuel Ewing, Rodney; Singer, Clifford E.; Wilson, Paul P. H.; Rosenstein, Matthew A.; Roy, William R. 2008/12
Effect of Current and Future Nuclear Navies on an International Agreement over the Limiting of Fissile Materials Production Woods, Scott 2007/09
Nuclear’s Role in 21st Century Pacific Rim Energy Use: Results and Methods Singer, Clifford E.; Taylor, J’Tia 2007/09
Probability Distributions for Carbon Emissions and Atmospheric Response: Results and Methods Singer, Clifford; Rethinaraj, T. S. Gopi; Addy, Samuel; Durham, David; Isik, Murat; Kaspar, Tod; Khanna, Madhu; Kuehl, Brandon; Luo, Janding; Quimio, Wilma; Rajendran, Kothavari; Qiang, Ji; Scheffran, Jürgen; Tiouririne, T. Nedjla; Zhang, Junli 2007/09
Preparation of a Global Radioxenon Emission Inventory: Understanding Sources of Radioactive Xenon Routinely Found in the Atmosphere by the International Monitoring System for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Kalinowski, Martin B.; Erickson, Lawrence H.; Gugle, Gregory J. 2005/12
Modeling of CO2 Emissions and Uranium Resources Rethinaraj, T. S. Gopi 2005/11
Reinventing Multilateralism Singer, Clifford E.; Walsh, James; Wilkening, Dean 2004/12
Iraq: Ways to Rebuild Better Masliansky, Aaron 2004/05
Passenger Presecreening Issues in Aviation Security McLay, Laura A. 2004/05
The French Desire for Uranium and its Effects on French Foreign Policy in Africa Pederson, Nicholas R. 2001/05
India and the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Mistry, Dinshaw; 1998/09
Nuclear Confidence Building in South Asia Singer, Clifford E. 1995/06
Stabilizing the Option: Deterrence, Confidence Building, and Arms Control in South Asia Burns, Susan M.