Below is a list of the published Occasional Papers from ACDIS.

Title Author Published Date
Intermediate Complexity Climate Economic Productivity
Impact Model
Clifford Singer 2024/01
Is a Naval Nuclear Arms Race with China Inevitable? Clifford Singer 2017/02
Four Decades of Soviet Economic Assistance: Superpower Economic Competition in the Developing World Kanet, Roger E. 2010/07
The Case against Nuclearization of South Asia Huque, Mahmudul 2010/06
Cross-Border Terrorism in India: Counterterrorism Strategies and Challenges Asthana, Vandana 2010/06
The Cold War, Space Exploration, and the Sino-US Relationship, 1956-1970 Zhang, Yang 2010
From Cooperation to Confrontation: Russia and the United States since 9/11 Kanet, Roger E. 2009/05
The Return of Imperial Russia: Russia and Its Neighbors Kanet, Roger E. 2008/09
Explaining China's Continued Resistance Towards Human Rights Norms: A Historical Legal Analysis Sitaraman, Srini 2008/06
Internet Gambling and the Destabilization of National and International Economies: Time for a Comprehensive Ban on Gambling Over the World Wide Web Kindt, John Warren 2007/09
Gambling with Terrorism and U.S. Military Readiness: Time to Ban Video Gambling Devices on U.S. Military Bases and Facilities? Kindt, John Warren 2007/01
Secularism and the Politics of Religion: Whither South Asia? Kapoor, Abhishek 2006/12
Anatomy of interlinking rivers in India: a decision in doubt Shukla, A.C.; Asthana, Vandana 2005/11
Economic cooperation between Pakistan and India: need, problems, and prospects Mirza, M. Nasrullah 2005/11
Destructive economic policies in the Age of Terrorism: government-sanctioned gambling as encouraging transboundary economic raiding and destabilizing national and international economies Kindt, John Warren; Brynn, Anne E.C. 2005/10
Warrant to torture: a critique of Dershowitz and Levinson Allen, Jonathan 2005
The past perfect promise of facial recognition technology Gates, Kelly 2004/06
Macroeconomic stability of Pakistan : the role of the IMF and World Bank (1997 - 2003) Cheema, Faisal 2004/05
Energy security for Bangladesh : prospects and strategic implications of natural gas Samrina, Nawrin 2004/05
Drinking death in groundwater : arsenic contamination as a threat to water security for Bangladesh Moinuddin, Mustafa 2004/05
Beyond precision: issues of morality and decision making in minimizing collateral casualties Roblyer, Dwight A. 2004/04
Power projections of the People's Republic of China: an investigative analysis of defensive and offensive realism in Chinese foreign policy Heller, Eric Nathaniel 2003/11
Sovereignty, wealth, culture, and technology: mainland China and Taiwan grapple with the parameters of "nation state" in the 21st century Pastreich, Emanuel 2003/07
Civil-military relations in Pakistan : the case of the recent military intervention (October 12, 1999) and the its implications for Pakistan's security milieu Khakwani, Abdul S. 2003/05
Welfare economics and growing inequalities in South Asia Shukla, A.C. 2003
Building Lasting Peace: Issues of the Implementation of the Chittagong Hill Tracts Accord Chowdhury, Bushra Hasina 2002/08
The new nuclear arms control environment: trip report and project conclusions Singer, Clifford E.; Gottemoeller, Rose; Mistry, Dimshaw; Sands, Amy 2002/07
Keys to unblocking multilateral nuclear arms control Singer, Clifford E.; Sands, Amy 2002/07
U.S. interventions in Latin America : "Plan Colombia" Solaun, Mauricio 2002/06
Die multilaterale nukleare Rüstungskontrolle aus der Sackgasse holen Singer, Clifford E.; Sands, Amy 2001/09
Chinese translation of Unblocking multilateral nuclear arms control Singer, Clifford E.; Sands, Amy 2001/09
Sortir de l'impasse actuelle dans les pourparlers de maîtrise multilatérale des armements nucléaires Singer, Clifford E.; Sands, Amy 2001/09
Razblokirovanie protsessa mnogostoronnego kontrolia za iadernymi vooruzheniiami Singer, Clifford E.; Sands, Amy 2001
The great powers and genocide: lessons from Rwanda Kolodziej, Edward A. 2000/03
Security studies for the next millenium: quo vadis? Kolodziej, Edward A. 2000/01
Protection pending: changing the lock on Pandora's box Enemark, Christian 2000/01
Protection of fissile materials: the Indian experience Chari, P.R. 1998/09
Aadhi raat ke baad: "After midnight" Naim, S. Rashid 1998/06
An evaluation of the chemical weapons convention and the U.S. national interest Heftman, Jeffrey M. 1997/12
Non-official dialogue between India and Pakistan: prospects and problems Shah, Aqil S. 1997/08
The United States, India, and Pakistan: retrospect and prospect Cohen, Stephen P. 1997/07
The Internet, transnational networking, and regional security in South Asia  Kumar, Chetan 1997/07
Russian-Chinese-U.S. relations and security in the Asia-Pacific region Ferry, William E.; Kanet, Roger E. 1997/02
Oil, environmental conflict and national security in Nigeria: ramifications of the ecology-security nexus for sub-regional peace Obi, Cyril 1997/01
The 1995 review and extension of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty  Morgan, Thomas; Singer, Clifford E.; Zych, Jason 1996/12
South Asia's persistent Cold War Basrur, Rajesh 1996/11
Look before you leap: a practical framework for reduction and possible elimination of assembled nuclear explosives holding  Singer, Clifford E. 1996/11
India's defense budget: can it be reduced?  Kaushal, Neeraj 1995/06
Collaborative verification and the control of nuclear tests Gallagher, Nancy W. 1995/04
Theater missile defense and the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty: either-or? Danielson, Dennis L. 1995/09
Back in the chips  Bridges, Kenneth 1995/01
The new world order: a historical perspective  Schroeder, Paul W. 1994/05
The IPKF experience in Sri Lanka  Chari, P.R. 1994/02
Conflict resolution through international intervention: a comparative study of Cambodia and El Salvador Munck, Gerardo L. 1993/04
US Procurement of Weapons Components from Foreign Sources: Policy Implications Fritchman, Guy J. 1993/01
Producing defense: reinterpreting civil-military relations in India Abraham, Itty 1992/03